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2019-2020 Intramural Sports Rules and Regulations


In order to foster a healthy recreational atmosphere where violence and poor behavior are not tolerated, participants and spectators are expected to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner at all times. In cases of verbal abuse or other forms of conduct constituting harassment, whether directed at an official, staff member, another participant, or a spectator, the Intramural Sports staff will take action to eject the offending participant or spectator from the game and suspend the participant or spectator from competition for a length of time determined by the Intramural Sports Administrative Staff. Participant and spectator actions are subject to this standard before, during, and after the intramural event or contest.

If the level of sportsmanship and/or dangerous play in a game jeopardizes the safety and well-being of game participants or officials, an Intramural Staff member may terminate the game. In the event an Intramural Staff member terminates the game due to these reasons, the teams, team captains, and all players may be suspended from future Intramural Sports Program events.

Team members and team captains are also responsible for the behavior and sportsmanship of their team’s spectators. Intramural Sports staff members have the authority to impose penalties against the team and/or team captain for improper behavior or poor sportsmanship of spectators. Unaffiliated spectators are also subject to ejection from the facility for inappropriate behavior, as determined by Recreational Services staff.

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Any participant who is ejected from a game due to unsportsmanlike behavior is required, along with the team captain, to meet with an Intramural Sports staff representative. Unsportsmanlike conduct is a foul or offense in many sports that violates the sport's generally accepted rules of sportsmanship and participant conduct. Any player(s) ejected for unsportsmanlike behavior will be suspended immediately, and for at least one additional game following the meeting with the Intramural Sports Staff. The team captain will also be ineligible to participate in any Intramural Sports Program event(s) until at least the time of the meeting with the Intramural Sports staff, but the team captain may be declared eligible for other Intramural Sports Program events upon contacting the Intramural Sports administrative staff. Failure of either the ejected participant or the captain to meet with the Intramural Sports staff in a timely manner may result in an extended suspension. Should the team captain be the ejected player, the Intramural Staff reserves the right to revoke captain’s privileges and require the team to designate a new team captain.

A second ejection for unsportsmanlike behavior will result in immediate suspension for at least one calendar year following the meeting. Any ejection from Intramural Sports could lead to University sanctions imposed by the Dean of Students Office.

Any foul deemed flagrant by an official or Intramural Sports staff member will result in an automatic ejection from the game for the player committing the flagrant foul. A flagrant foul is defined as a foul that is excessive, a non-sport related act, or committed with the intent to injure.


The University of Iowa prohibits discrimination in employment, educational programs, and activities on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, pregnancy, disability, genetic information, status as a U.S. veteran, service in the U.S. military, sexual orientation, gender identity, associational preferences, or any other classification that deprives the person of consideration as an individual. The university also affirms its commitment to providing equal opportunities and equal access to university facilities. For additional information on nondiscrimination policies, contact the Director, Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity, The University of Iowa, 202 Jessup Hall, Iowa City, IA, 52242‐1316, 319‐335‐0705 (voice), 319‐335‐0697 (TDD),

If, at any point before, during, or after Intramural activities, a participant or spectator violates the aforementioned Non-Discrimination Policy, or uses discriminatory language or gestures, the participant or spectator will be ejected and subject to the ejection procedures as outlined in this document.

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Officials in all officiated sports will complete team sportsmanship ratings for each team, each game. Intramural Administrative staff may adjust sportsmanship ratings after review of game circumstances including any additional information not observed by the game officials. Sportsmanship ratings will be viewable by teams on following the conclusion of the contest. Each team begins the game with a 2.5 rating, and earns its way up to a 3 or a 4, or earns its way down to a 1 or a 2. Officials cannot give a rating of 2.5.

Rating categories are from 4-1, and guidelines for those ratings are:

  • 4 = Excellent: Team members and fans were cooperative with officials and were respectful of opponents and officials. The captain had full control of the team. Team members went above and beyond to show respect for opponents and staff.
  • 3 = Above Average: Team members and fans were respectful of opponents and officials except for one or two minor incidents.
  • 2 = Below Average: (Note: At least one of these examples must occur for a Below Average rating to be given) Team member(s) or spectator(s) were disrespectful of opponents and/or officials on a number of occasions. Captain showed little control of team member(s). An unsporting technical foul, unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, or yellow card was issued. An Intramural Supervisor had to step-in to address unsportsmanlike behavior. Any other behavior deemed unsportsmanlike by the Intramural Staff.
  • 1 = Poor: (Note: At least one of these examples must occur for a Poor rating to be given) Team members or spectators continually comment to opponents and/or officials and are disrespectful. Team captain showed no control over the team. Multiple unsporting technical fouls, unsportsmanlike conduct penalties, or yellow cards issued. Participant or spectator ejection for unsportsmanlike behavior. An Intramural Supervisor had to step-in on more than one occasion to address unsportsmanlike behavior among team members. Any other behavior deemed unsportsmanlike by the Intramural Staff.

The captain of any team that receives a 1-rating will be required to meet with an Intramural Sports Administrative Staff representative before that team’s next game, and will be suspended from participation in Intramural Sports until at least the time of the meeting. A team receiving a 1-rating will be rated by an Intramural Supervisor in its next game. A team that receives a 2-rating for the first time will receive a notification/warning email from the Intramural Sports staff. Any team that receives more than one sportsmanship rating of 1 in a season, or a team that receives a 1 and a 2, in any order and at any point in the season, will not be eligible to compete in the remainder of the season or playoffs. The captain of any team that receives two 2-ratings will be required to meet with an Intramural Sports staff representative before that team’s next game, and the team will be put on Sportsmanship Probation. Any rating of 2 or 1 at any point thereafter will result in that team’s dismissal from the league or playoffs.

If a team receives its second 2 rating in its last game of the season, the team captain will be required to meet with the Intramural Sports Administrative staff. If a team receives a 1 rating in its last game of the season, all team members signed-in for that contest will be required to meet with the Intramural Sports Administrative staff. All participants required to meet with the Intramural Sports Administrative staff will be suspended from further participation until at least the time of the meeting.

Failure to meet with the Intramural Sports staff in a timely manner may result in an extended suspension.

In addition, teams must finish the regular season with a Sportsmanship Point Average (SPA) of 2.5 or better to qualify for the playoffs. The 2.5 SPA must be maintained throughout the playoffs to continue competing. During the playoffs, any team that receives a 1-rating will be eliminated from the playoffs, regardless of the outcome of that game. If a team wins a playoff game and is disqualified due to sportsmanship, no team will advance.

In non-officiated sports, the Intramural Sports staff will address poor sportsmanship on a case-by-case basis. The captain of a team exhibiting poor sportsmanship, as determined by the Intramural Sports staff, will be subject to the same requirements as a team that receives a 2 or a 1 rating as stated above. Unsportsmanlike behavior may result in team removal from the league or tournament.

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All communication with the Intramural Sports Staff should be appropriate and professional at all times. This includes written, verbal and/or electronic communication. Failure to communicate with Intramural Sports Staff in an appropriate and professional manner may result in suspension from the Intramural Sports Program, and may require a meeting with the Intramural Sports Staff. In addition, negative social media messages directed at, or about, the Intramural Sports Staff may result in suspension from the Intramural Sports Program.

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Intramural Officials are trained to respond to questions asked by participants in a professional, mature manner. While participating in Intramural Sports, keep in mind that the officials are students, often times officiating a given sport for the first time; in many cases, most of the comments they hear from participants are negative. With this in mind, if you are attempting to ask a question of an official, the best way for it to not be perceived as negative is to calmly address the official and ask your question in a positive, non-condescending way. Examples:

  • Bad – “How is that a foul?”
  • Good – “Can you please tell me what you saw on that play so I can try to avoid doing it again?”
  • Bad – “Are you kidding me?!?”
  • Good – “Can you please explain to me what I did wrong there?”

If you continue to have concerns with a specific official or situation, please do not hesitate to speak to an on-site supervisor, or contact the Intramural Sports Administrative Staff to share your opinions professionally and constructively. We value constructive feedback that we can use to help make our officials better.

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Participants have the opportunity to share with the Intramural Sports Administrative Staff their thoughts on the performance of their contest’s officials. As mentioned previously, the Intramural Sports Program values constructive feedback regarding how our officials can be made better. Inappropriate or unconstructive comments will be disregarded. To share your thoughts, suggestions, or compliments, please complete our Officials Feedback Form.

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If you are interested in being an Intramural Sports Official, all you have to do is follow the steps on the website (see link below), and work hard. You can officiate as many or as few sports as you would like, and no experience is necessary. You can still play Intramural Sports regardless of whether or not you are an official. To find out about upcoming meetings and officials trainings, check out the Becoming an Official webpage

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The University of Iowa Violence Policy prohibits fighting during athletic contests and other recreational events. Any student participating in a Recreational Services event who strikes, or attempts to strike, an official, supervisor, spectator, or another participant or joins a fight in progress will be automatically suspended from all Recreational Services activities from the time of the incident for at least one calendar year, and is also subject to criminal charges filed by University Police. In addition, Recreational Services will forward all complaints of fighting to the Dean of Students, who is authorized to recommend sanctions up to and including suspension or dismissal from the University.

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All players participating in any Intramural Sports event must be on the team roster, and will be required to show a physical University of Iowa or government-issued photo ID prior to participation in each Intramural game/event. Anyone who does not produce a physical University of Iowa or government-issued photo ID is considered an ineligible participant and will not be allowed to participate. NO ID = NO PLAY. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Anyone that participates while suspended, participates without checking-in with the Intramural Sports staff on duty, or participates on a team without being listed as eligible on the team roster, will be considered an ineligible participant for that game. The game will be forfeited by the team playing with an ineligible participant. If the occurrence is in the team’s last scheduled game, the participant will be required to notify the Intramural Sports staff of the next sport they intend to play.

Any team found using a player that is playing under a false name or ID, or a team that has a player that has checked-in, or attempted to check-in, under a false name or ID with the intent to play illegally, will forfeit all games in which that player checked-in. The player using an improper ID and the player providing the ID to be used illegally will be suspended for at least one additional game and must meet with the Intramural Sports Administrative Staff. The team captain may also be suspended and have to attend the meeting at the discretion of the Intramural Sports Administrative Staff.

Team rosters for league sports may be updated throughout any sport’s season and all of playoffs. Team captains can add or drop players through and are encouraged to do so well in advance of their game times. In most sports/leagues, to participate in that night’s contest(s), participants can be added to a team roster up until a team’s scheduled game time. For Friday Night Series events, the roster addition deadline is the scheduled start time of the event, not each team’s first contest. Roster additions can only be done on Participants cannot be dropped from a team roster if that would take the team below the minimum player requirement, and the team has already selected a division. In addition, players cannot be dropped from a team roster if a participant has already checked-in for a game for that team.

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Each team captain is responsible for verification of team member eligibility as provided in these rules. Whenever a specific case is reported, an investigation will be made to determine whether the person in question is eligible. Recreational Services reserves the right to check eligibility of any players or teams at any time. Any team using ineligible players will forfeit all games in which the ineligible player(s) participated or checked-in with the intent to participate. If an ineligible player is discovered during bracket play, the most recent game in which the ineligible player participated will be declared a forfeit and the offended team will advance. Any ineligible participants will be suspended from further participation in Intramural Sports for an amount of time to be determined by the Intramural Sports Administrative Staff.

Participation in Intramural Sports is a privilege. If, at any time, the Intramural Sports Administrative Staff feels this privilege is being abused, eligibility can be revoked subject to reinstatement requirements set forth by the Intramural Sports staff.

  1. Only current University of Iowa students (currently enrolled in classes for the current semester), faculty, staff, and affiliates with Recreational Services memberships are eligible for competition in the Intramural Sports Program with the appropriate Intramural Sports Membership. Affiliates of The University of Iowa are staff who have affiliate status at The University of Iowa verified through the University Directory. More information on Intramural Sports Memberships can be found in the next section of this document.
  2. A player may be a member of only one team in each division for all sports. If a participant is on multiple teams, and those teams are scheduled to play each other, the participant must select which team on which they would like to play. Women, if they choose, are eligible to participate on Men’s teams.
  3. The University of Iowa Intramural Sports Program holds the equality and inclusion of its participants in the highest regard. Every participant has the right to an unbiased and fair opportunity to play. The UI Intramural Sports Program recognizes the transgender population among its participants and encourages all eligible people to participate in Intramural Sports based on their expressed gender identities. Participants may indicate their gender identities on when first registering. Should a participant’s gender identity change at any point after initial registration, the participant should contact the Intramural Sports Administrative Staff to update the participant’s status on IMLeagues. In situations in which individuals do not identify with a particular category used for intramural activities the Intramural Sports Administrative Staff will provide direction and options on a case-by-case basis. Should a participant not feel comfortable contacting the Intramural Sports Administrative Staff directly, that participant may contact the university’s Chief Diversity Office at (319) 335-3565 or
  4. Any student, who was a member of a team in an NCAA Division I sport, shall not be eligible to participate in that related sport in the Intramural Sports Program for two full semesters following the one in which the student was last a team member. Example: If a student played for the Iowa Hawkeyes during the 2018 fall semester, that student will not be eligible to play intramurals in any related sport for the 2019 spring semester or 2019 fall semester. The following are considered related sports for former intercollegiate players:
Intramural Sport/Event Intercollegiate Sport
eSports eSports
Flag Football, 4-on-4 Flag Football Football
Tennis Tennis
Golf, Mini-Golf Golf
Basketball, 3-on-3 Basketball, 3-Point Shootout Basketball
Indoor Soccer Soccer
Softball, Wiffleball Baseball or Softball
Inner Tube Water Polo Water Polo
Indoor Volleyball, Sand Volleyball, Wallyball Volleyball, Beach Volleyball
  1.  Current members of intercollegiate squads are not permitted to take part in the intramural sport/event or related intramural sport/event to that in which they are currently participating at the intercollegiate level. The members of an intercollegiate team shall be determined by official Athletic Department staff and Intramural Sports staff. Any individual who retires or drops out of an intercollegiate activity may petition for immediate eligibility for the intramural activity that is equivalent to that individual’s intercollegiate sport. Special immediate eligibility must be granted before participating in the sport. The Intramural Sports staff will determine eligibility. During scholastic ineligibility, an intercollegiate squad member shall not participate in the related intramural activity.
  2. No more than two players on an Intramural team roster may be a coach of an intercollegiate team, a practice squad member of an intercollegiate team, a former member of an intercollegiate team, or a member or coach of a sport club in a related sport. Sport club members or coaches will be determined by the Recreational Services Sport Programs staff, or by any public information regarding that sport club. A Sport Club Member/Coach is considered a member of that sport club for one full semester, from the start of classes until the end of finals, following the removal from the club roster (Ex. A person removed from a club roster in the Fall 2018 semester would be considered a club member until the end of the Spring 2019 semester.) The following are considered related sports for sport clubs:
Intramural Sport Sport Club
Archery, Archery Tag Archery
Badminton Badminton
Basketball Basketball (Women's)
Softball Baseball, Softball
Bowling Bowling
Disc Golf Disc Golf
Golf Competitive Club Golf Team
Soccer Soccer (Men's), Soccer (Women's)
Table Tennis Table Tennis
Tennis Tennis
Ultimate Ultimate (Men's), Ultimate (Women's)
Indoor Volleyball, Sand Volleyball, Wallyball Volleyball (Men's), Volleyball (Women's)
Inner Tube Water Polo Water Polo (Men's), Water Polo (Women's)
  1. Any individual who would be ineligible for intercollegiate competition because of professional status will be ineligible from participation in Intramural Sports in that related sport for a period of three years following the end of professional participation. The Intramural Sports staff reserves the right to determine when professional participation ends.

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To participate in Intramural Sports, a student, faculty, staff, or affiliate must purchase an Intramural Sports Membership. An Intramural Sports Membership is not required for Friday Night Series events. Below are the available Intramural Sports Membership Passes.

The 2019-2020 Intramural Sports Fall and Spring Membership allows you to play every sport in the 2019-2020 school year, except the Intramural Golf Tournament. Purchasing the Fall and Spring Membership saves you $5 versus purchasing Fall Semester and Spring Semester Memberships separately.

The Intramural Sports Fall 2019 or Spring 2020 Semester Membership allows you to play every sport in the Fall 2019 or Spring 2020 semester, respectively.

The One Day Tournament Pass allows you to play in a single day tournament. The One Day Tournament Pass can only be used for one team in one tournament. If you wish to play singles and doubles for the same sport (i.e. Darts) you must purchase a One-Semester or Two-Semester Intramural Sports Membership.

The Single Play Pass is for substitutes on a team to play in one game/match, but not pay for a full semester membership. If you are subbing one time for a team that is short players, purchase this pass. If you end up being needed for additional games for that team, you can upgrade to a full semester or full year pass.

Intramural Sports Memberships are non-refundable. Situations involving extenuating circumstances beyond the member’s control will be heard on a case-by-case basis.

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The well-being of Intramural participants is of the utmost concern to the Intramural Sports Program. When an individual is identified by the Intramural Staff as having signs/symptoms of a head injury, that person will be removed from Intramural activities. Participants may return to play only after providing a return to play notice to the Intramural Sports Administrative Staff or the Recreational Services Risk Manager. Return to play notices must be written by a licensed medical provider as defined by Iowa Code 280.13c

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    1. Intramural Sports participants are expected to form their own teams.
    2. Team names must be appropriate. If a team name is deemed inappropriate by the Intramural Sports Administrative Staff, it will be changed to the captain’s name without notice. If a team wishes to submit a new, appropriate team name, different than the captain’s name, it must be submitted prior to the publishing of schedules. Team names cannot be changed once schedules have been published.
    3. If an individual wants to play on an Intramural team and cannot find enough other players to form a team, that individual can join the Iowa Intramural Sports Free Agent group on Facebook to connect with other Free Agents looking for a team, or to connect with team captains that need more players. Additionally, players can list themselves as Free Agents on The Intramural Sports Administrative Staff will send out information about joining teams, in an attempt to help facilitate the creation of teams among free agent participants.

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    All team captains must pass a mandatory, 25-question Captain’s Quiz prior to registering a team for:

    • Flag Football (7-on-7)
    • Indoor Volleyball
    • Soccer (Indoor)
    • Basketball (5-on-5)
    • Nickel Softball (League)
    • Flag Football (4-on-4)

    The Captain’s Quiz will be available on once a captain begins the process for creating a team. Information is available on IMLeagues to assist captain’s in taking the quiz. All quiz material will be covered in the Intramural Rules and Regulations, or in the individual sport rules. Captains must answer all questions correctly to pass the quiz.

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    Intramural Sports will provide pinnies for each contest in which color differentiation needs to be made. However, a team may still make their own T-shirts to wear during their games/matches. If a team chooses to do this, all team members must be wearing the same color. The graphics and wording on team shirts must be appropriate. If not, pinnies will be required to be worn by that team. Shirts must be worn underneath the pinnies at all times.

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    Intramural Champion T-shirts will be awarded to the championship teams in all leagues. Only people on the team roster will be awarded championship T-shirts. The maximum number of shirts one team can receive for a sport is two times the number of players permitted on the field/court at one time (Ex. Men’s and Women’s Flag Football allows seven players on the field at one time, so the maximum number of shirts would be 14 – 7x2=14, round up to 14). If a player is on the team roster but was unable to play on championship night and receive a T-shirt, that player must bring a photo ID to the Intramural Office to pick-up a T-shirt.

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    1. Rosters must be finalized by the roster deadline on the first day of play.
    2. For sports using a play-by tournament format, it is the responsibility of each participant to check the tournament bracket posted on, then contact and play the next opponent before the deadline stated by the Intramural Sports Administrative Staff. Both participants are responsible for seeing that the result of a completed match is reported to the Intramural Sports staff before the match deadline. Failure to report scores will result in a double forfeit for that match. Falsifying scores will be considered a forfeit.

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    On various Friday nights throughout the fall and spring semesters, the Intramural Sports Program will host Friday Night Series events.  Intramural Memberships are not required to participate in Friday Night Series events, and participants/teams can register up to 15 minutes prior to the event start time. The schedule for events is as follows:

    • September 6 – Kickball
    • September 27 – Archery Tag
    • October 11 – Log Rolling
    • November 1 – Spikebuoy
    • December 13 - Canoe Battleship
    • March 6 – Pool Volleyball
    • March 31 - Inner Tube Water Polo
    • April 14 - Wiffleball

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    Teams/Individuals not ready to play within ten minutes of the scheduled contest time shall forfeit. Intramural Supervisors shall declare the contest a forfeit and award a win to the team/individual that is on-hand and ready to play. Intramural Supervisors have the discretion to amend the 10-minute forfeit time rule in the event of unforeseen circumstances. “Ready to play” means that a team/individual must be at the playing area with at least the minimum number of men and/or women needed to constitute a team. The contest will begin once both teams have the minimum number of players needed to start. Teams/individuals that postpone a contest or agree to forfeiture without consulting the Intramural Sports staff are both liable to the penalty of a forfeit. If a team/individual has registered for a sport in which schedules will be made on-site at a designated time, the Forfeit Fine does not apply.

    Any team that forfeits will automatically be charged a Forfeit Fine, assessed to the team captain’s U-Bill, as listed on The amount of the Forfeit Fine will be $25.00 for Individual and Doubles sports/events, and $50.00 for team sports/events.

    Teams/individuals may avoid a forfeit by defaulting the game/match. To default, the team captain must complete the Default Form by the following deadlines, unless otherwise stated on that sport’s IMLeagues webpage, in the sport rules, or communicated by the Intramural Sports staff to the team captain:

    • 2:00 PM the day of the game for weekday games
    • 7:00 AM the day of the game for weekend games

    A team’s first default will allow the team/individual to continue in league play and avoid the Forfeit Fine. Any subsequent defaults would result in a $25.00 fine per subsequent default. If a team withdraws after schedules have been made, it is subject to that sport’s Forfeit Fine.

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    Recreational Services is willing to cooperate by allowing an occasional reschedule. Due to limited playing facilities, postponements must be arranged by the Intramural Sports administrative staff, and agreed upon by both captains. If arrangements have not been confirmed by the Intramural Sports Administrative Staff, the game will be played at its originally scheduled day and time. Requesting a reschedule should be the last resort for a team that has a conflict. Other solutions include adding more players to your unlimited team roster. Reschedule requests can be made by completing the Reschedule Request Form.

    For “play-by” tournaments, if the postponed contest extends into the time frames of the next round of play, the next round opponent must also agree to play the winner before the next match deadline.

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    If a team feels an official has misinterpreted a rule, the team captain (or the acting captain if the team captain is not present) must lodge a protest at the time of the ruling. The team must call a time-out at the time of the ruling and inform the official that it wishes to protest a misapplication or misinterpretation of a rule. The game will be stopped to obtain a ruling from the Intramural Supervisor. Failure to call time-out and obtain an immediate ruling from the Intramural Supervisor at the time of the ruling in question will void any future right to protest. If the official’s ruling stands, the protesting team will be charged the time-out. If the official’s ruling is changed, the team is not charged a time-out. No protest concerning official’s judgment will be considered. If the protesting team still feels the ruling is incorrect, it must then tell the Intramural Supervisor it wishes to submit a formal protest. The Intramural Supervisor will complete a Protest Form and send it to the Intramural Sports Administrative Staff for review.

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    During tournament play when a team or player feels another team or player is ineligible to participate, the protesting team must notify the on-site Intramural Supervisor or contact the Intramural Sports Administrative staff by NOON the next business day. If a team/player is scheduled to play two tournament games in one night/day, the protest must be made to the Intramural Supervisor prior to the start of the game following the one in protest. If a team is scheduled to play more than two tournament games in one night/day, the eligibility question must be able to be resolved by Intramural Staff on-site. If no definite information can be found deeming the player(s) in question to be ineligible, that/those player(s) will be considered eligible. Failure to follow the specified time constraints can void the rights of the protesting team to advance.

    If a player is found to be ineligible during tournament play, the team with the ineligible player will be eliminated from the tournament. If possible due to facility constraints, all games will be made up/replayed from the point of the protest moving forward.

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    In order to determine playoff qualification, the Intramural Staff will use the following guidelines in order:

    1. Win/loss record will determine final regular season standings. Please see individual sport IMLeagues page to determine the number of teams that qualify from each division.
      1. Any game that is defaulted by a team will count worse than a loss for that defaulting team’s record.
      2. Any game that is forfeit by a team will count worse than a default for that forfeiting team’s record.
    2. In the case of a tie between two teams, head-to-head record will be the first tiebreaker, followed by Sportsmanship Point Average (SPA).
    3. In the case of a tie between three or more teams, or if a head-to-head match-up did not occur between two tied teams, SPA will be used as the first tiebreaker criteria.
    4. Should the SPA of the teams be tied, in flag football, indoor soccer, basketball, and softball, point differential in all regular season games will be used. In volleyball and dodgeball, game record differential will be the tiebreaker for three or more teams, or two teams that did not have a head-to-head matchup. For example, a basketball team that has won 2 games by 10 points and lost 1 game by 5 points would have a point differential total of +15. If a team wins (or loses) by forfeit or default, that team will get credit for winning (or losing) by the following amounts in each sport:
      1. Flag Football 10-0
      2. Volleyball (Indoor and Sand) 2-0
      3. Wallyball 2-0
      4. Indoor Soccer 2-0
      5. Basketball 10-0
      6. Softball 5-0
      7. Dodgeball 5-0
      8. Ultimate 5-0
    5. Should the teams have the same point differential, points against will be the tiebreaker.
    6. If teams are still tied after all tiebreakers have been exhausted, a random draw will be held to determine the tiebreak.
    7. Once one team has been broken from the tie, the tiebreaker process will start over.
    8. In sports with the sportsmanship rating system, teams must have an SPA of 2.5 or better to qualify for, and to maintain their position in the playoffs. Any team with an SPA worse than 2.5 will not qualify for playoffs, despite what its regular season record might be. If a team wins a playoff contest and is disqualified due to sportsmanship, no team will advance.

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    At the written request of any Intramural participant, an appeal of any specific incident, decision, or regulation regarding the Intramural Sports Program may be made to the Associate Director of Sport Programs. Written requests to review a specific incident or regulation can be emailed to: The deadline to appeal a ruling is 24 hours from the time in which the ruling decision is communicated to the participant by the Intramural Sports Administrative Staff.

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    If there is inclement weather and outdoor sports are scheduled, call our Rain Line for the most up-to-date information on the status of games. The number is (319) 333-7032 Ex. 3.

    You can download the RainOut Line app in the Apple App Store or Google Play. You can use this app to check the status of Intramural Sports contests right from your smartphone! Download the app (RainOut Line), search "Recreational Services" and select "The University of Iowa Recreational Services." It's that easy!

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