The Field House is located on the west side of campus and is home to Recreational Services, UI Academics, and UI Athletics.  The Field House is a 334,000 square feet facility. Amenities of this facility include 8 Basketball/Volleyball Courts, 5 Badminton Courts, 16 Racquetball Courts, 2 Squash Courts, Cycling Studio, Mind/Body Studio, Olympic Weightlifting Room, 6 Multi-Activity Rooms, classrooms, locker rooms, saunas, table tennis, and an indoor track. 

Additional staff offices and academic departments housed in the Field House include Men’s & Women’s Gymnastics, Sports Camps, Health and Human Physiology, Health & Physical Activity Skills, Lifetime Leisure Skills.

The Field House is a membership access facility - patrons will be required to have a Recreational Services Membership or pay the daily walk-in fee in order to use the facility. 

The boxing training room is located in room 481 includes the following equipment:

  • Everlast bags: 125-pound heavy bag
  • 3 Muay Thai bags for kicking and punching 
  • Angle bag
  • Wrecking ball bag
  • Teardrop bag
  • Double-end striking bag
  • 2 adjustable speed bags
  • 3 chin-up stations with TRX & battle ropes

The room will accommodate open recreation drop-in usage, scheduled group fitness classes, and academic classes. 

Boxing room rules

We ask that all individuals using the boxing training room follow the boxing room rules: 

  1. Recreational Services and Academics have scheduling priority. Patrons may utilize the room when it is not reserved. 
  2. Hand wraps and/or gloves are required while using bags and are available for purchase at the Member Services desk.
  3. Accessories, such as Martial Arts weapons, are not permitted for hitting bags.
  4. Sparring and wrestling are not permitted.
  5. Jewelry and watches are not permitted on hands or wrists while using the bags.
  6. Footwear must be clean and non-marking. Athletic footwear only. 
  7. Cuts or abrasions must be covered.
  8. Wipe down equipment after use. 
  9. Shirts are always required.
  10. Report broken equipment and/or unsafe conditions to Recreational Services staff.
  11. Weights are not permitted in the room.
  12. Equipment must always stay in the room. Do not remove bags from mounts.
  13. No food or drinks, other than water, are permitted.
  14. Users must be 14 years of age or older to use the room.
  15. Fee-based private lessons can only be provided by Recreational Services staff.
  16. Treat this equipment with respect and do not damage the equipment by improper use. 
  17. Violation of any rules may result in removal from the facility.

When the swimming pool was built, it was the largest indoor collegiate swimming pool in the United States. The pool was meant to double as a reservoir for fire fighting. Swimming pool users may access the pool directly from the dressing rooms via a tunnel. 

More information regarding hours and policies can be found here

Our fitness area features a variety of equipment including ellipticals, treadmills, exercise bikes, rowers, ergometers, arc trainers, and much more. 

  • Cardiovascular Equipment
  • Cable Machine Equipment
  • Plate-loaded Equipment
  • Free Weights ranging from 5 to 120 pounds
  • Miscellaneous items include:
    • Stretching Areas
    • Exercise Mats
    • Storage Cubbies
    • Exercise Balls
    • BOSU Stability Trainers
    • Weighted Medicine Balls
    • Rubber Assistant Bands

Want more information on how to use our equipment?  Check out our playlist with how-to-videos to help you get the most out of your workout!  Want a more personalized orientation?  Reach out to and we will be happy to help! 

Field House Lot

Hospital Parking Ramp 4

South Quad Lot

Handicap Parking

  • Handicap parking spots can be located by the main entrance to the Field House on Grand Avenue  
  • This is a metered spot. 

Location information:


225 S. Grand Ave, Iowa City, IA 52242





Fitness Equipment videos

Learn more about the Field House!

Want to reserve our facilities?

Interested in reserving space in our facilities?  Complete our Facility Request Form and we will let you know what is available. Thank you for your interest in renting equipment with Recreational Services. In an effort to better serve you, please allow for at least five business days to process your request. 

Please note completion of this form does not guarantee that the space is available.  Recreational Services staff will follow up with you via email to confirm the reservation.  If space is not available, other options may be offered as an alternative. 

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