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The UI Challenge Course is designed to enhance personal and group growth through team challenges that improve communication, cooperation, and problem-solving skills. Fun brings the experience to life by keeping people focused, engaged, and connected. All of our programs use an experiential education approach, meaning that individuals and teams will learn by actively participating in the challenges placed before them. 

We strive to offer a variety of program options to meet your group’s needs. Programs listed below are just the start of what we can do! Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact Steve Campbell, Assistant Director of Recreational Services, for more information.

Course Information

Our facility is comprised of both low and high elements. Elements are similar to what most people would picture when they think of obstacles on a military obstacle course; in fact, challenge courses have their foundations in military obstacle courses (yet have a slightly different approach). 

Low elements range from being directly on the ground to seven feet high. Teams are given the opportunity to work together to overcome various challenges. These activities focus primarily on group dynamics and are designed to elicit different methods of problem-solving and engage critical thinking.  

High elements are roughly 30 feet off the ground and are intended to give individuals a chance to step outside of their comfort zone. Whether overcoming a fear of heights or simply exerting oneself physically, high elements offer a different challenge for everyone. While personal achievement is a large component of the high elements, the group still plays a critical role in supporting its members as they work through the elements. 

Our philosophy towards participation is based on the concept of “challenge by choice”. This means that the individual chooses the level at which s/he participates. Most elements are inherently physical in nature, yet do not require a person to be physically fit in order to participate. We strive to include everyone in our programs and adapt activities to meet the needs of our participants.


When you are ready to reserve your day at the course, please fill out the Online Registration Form or print thePDF iconPDF Registration Form, and scan and email to Steve Campbell (steve-campbell@uiowa.edu) at least four weeks in advance. When completing the form, please list at least two dates & times that will work for your group. While we will make every effort to accommodate your preferred choice, we cannot guarantee your first choice will be available. For smaller groups, there is a minimum charge of 12 participants.


We are located on the far west side of campus near the Ashton Cross-Country Course. Parking is available on-site.
Address:  3310 Hawkeye Park Rd., Iowa City, IA 52242

Map to UI Challenge Course

Contact Us

Steve Campbell
Assistant Director, UI Challenge Course & Lifetime Leisure Skills

Session Options and Pricing 

Half-day Program (3-4 hours): Low elements only

Groups Cost (per person)
UI Student/Faculty/Staff: $30
Community/Non-profit:  $40
Corporate: $50

Half-day Program (4 hours): Low & High elements

Groups Cost (per person)
UI Student/Faculty/Staff: $35
Community/Non-profit: $45
Corporate: $55

Full-day Program (6-8 hours): Low & High elements

Groups Cost (per person)
UI Student/Faculty/Staff: $50
Community/Non-profit:  $60
Corporate: $70