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When built the swimming pool was the largest indoor collegiate swimming pool in the United States, which was meant to double as a reservoir for fire fighting. Swimming pool users may access the pool directly from the dressing rooms via a tunnel. For route information and information regarding specialized equipment and services for those with disabilities, call Recreational Services at (319) 335-9847.

Field House Pool Information

  • Depth: 4ft-17ft
  • Pool Temp: 81-82 degrees F
  • Open Rec. Format: Lap Swim, Open Diving

Field House Pool Rules

  • A Recreational Services lifeguard must be present before entering the water.
  • Emergency Signal - 3 whistle blasts. Exit the pool immediately.
  • No diving in the shallow end of the swimming pool and in other areas where it is marked “NO DIVING”.
  • No horseplay in or around the swimming pool.
  • No running on the deck.
  • Proficient swimming ability is required in deep water areas.
  • No swimming or reaching beneath the moveable bulkhead.
  • Use of starting platforms is limited to approved user groups.
  • Do not enter the pool if you have a communicable disease or an open wound.
  • Shower before entering the pool and after use of restroom facilities.
  • Proper swimwear is required.
  • Glass containers are prohibited in the pool area.
  • Do not bring food, drink, gum, alcohol, or tobacco products into the pool.
  • Swimming or diving instruction may be provided solely by Recreational Services aquatics staff or approved groups. 
  • Use of the diving platform is strictly prohibited by all groups. 
  • When recreational diving is available:
    • Only the 1-meter springboards may be used. 
    • Springboard fulcrum must be set in the forward-most position. 
    • All jumps and dives must be in a straight-forward direction. 
    • Back dives, inward dives, reverse dives, spins, handstands, and seat drops are not permitted. 
    • Only one person on a diving board at a time. 
    • Only one bounce per jump or dive is allowed. 
    • Swim directly to the nearest ladder and exit the pool after each entry. 
  • Activity deemed unsafe by the lifeguard will be prohibited. 
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Field House Pool is Closed