StrongHawk | Recreational Services
University of Iowa


The inaugural StrongHawk event is the first of its kind held at the University of Iowa! This is a strongman competition that will require strength, power, toughness, and extreme grit to finish. Competitors will be competing in 7 different events across the several hours of the competition.

Event Date: Saturday, April 25th


Athletes may prepare for the event in advance during any of our open practice times with access to Rec Serv Strongman Equipment!

  • Fridays (February 7 - April 10) | 4:30 - 5:30 PM
  • Hawkeye Tennis and Recreation Complex (HTRC) Turf

Weight Classes


  • Light Weight: up to 144.99 lbs
  • Middle Weight: 150 lbs - 179.99 lbs
  • Heavy Weight: 180 lbs and up 


  • Light Weight: up to 184.99 lbs
  • Middle Weight: 185 lbs - 219.99 lbs
  • Heavy Weight: 220 lbs and up


  • Deadlift Ladder: The barbell will start at a specific weight assigned to each weight class. The competitor will perform one repetition and loaders will add a set amount of weight to the barbell following that repetition. This order will continue until the lifter cannot stand up fully with the barbell in hand. Weight is increased on every repetition. Total repetitions are recorded and ties will be awarded to the lifter who took less time to reach that amount of repetitions. 
  • Truck Pull: A Humvee will be attached to a harness that the competitor will wear. The competitor will pull the truck down a 50 ft. track. Time to completion is recorded. 
  • Timed Medley: Competitors will carry a yoke down a 50 ft. track. Upon reaching the 50 ft. mark, they will drop the yoke and bring a loaded wheel barrow back. Once the competitor crosses the 50 ft. line, they will pick up a sandbag and bring it back towards the yoke. The sandbag must be placed over the yoke for the timer to stop. The yoke, wheelbarrow, and sandbag will be weighted according to weight class. 
  • Pressing Medley: Competitors will press a circus bell and a log back to back. To move on to the log, the competitor must first press the circus bell. Time to completion is recorded. Log and circus bell will be loaded according to weight class. Competitors will have 90 seconds to complete this. 
  • Carry: Participants will carry 4 objects, ascending in weight, down a 25 ft. track and on to a platform. All objects will start on one end of the track and competitors must run back to the start to grab each object. If an object is dropped, it may be picked up without penalty. Time to completion will be recorded. The timer will stop once the final object is loaded on the platform. 
  • Toss: Participants will throw four objects, ascending in weight, over an obstacle. Time to completion AND number of objects thrown will be recorded. Competitors will have 60 seconds to complete this.
  • Frame Carry: Competitors will have to carry handles, loaded with weight according to their weight class, for a total of 100 ft. Once competitors reach the 50 ft. mark, they will have to turn around and carry the weight back 50 ft. 



Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to attend all University of Iowa sponsored events. If you are a person with a disability who requires an accommodation in order to participate in this program, please contact Recreational Services in advance at ​319-335-9293.