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Sport Club Handbook

Table of Contents

Important Links | General E-Mail Address and Mailing Address | List of Current Active Clubs | 2016-2017 Recap | Recreational Services Mission and Guiding Principles | Definitions | Recognition as a Sport Club (Steps to Becoming a Sport Club, Remaining a Sport Club) |   
Required Officer Positions | Membership | Coaches and Instructors | Sport Club Advisory Council | Benefits and Services | Facility Use | Travel Guidelines | Risk Management | Standards of Conduct | Compliance and Sanctions | Finances | Sport Club Funding | Marketing

Important Links

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General E-Mail Address and Mailing Address

                   Laurel Hanna or Kari Budnik
                        c/o (your club name)
                           E216 Field House
                         Iowa City, IA 52242

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List of Current Active Clubs

Badminton Baseball Bowling
Boxing Brazilian Jiujitsu Cheerleading
Chinese Basketball Cricket Cycling
Disc Golf Fencing Figure Skating
Golf Ice Hockey, Men's Ice Hockey, Women's
Japan Karate-Do Judo Traditional Jujutsu
Kum Do Lacrosse, Men's Lacrosse, Women's
Olympic Weightlifting Powerlifting Quidditch
Rowing Rugby, Men's Rugby, Women's
Sailing Shooting Sports Soccer, Hawkeye (Men's)
Soccer, UI (Men's) Soccer, Women's Softball
Table Tennis Tennis, International Tennis, UI
Taekwondo, Hawkeye Taekwondo, UI Track & Field
Triathlon Ultimate, Men's Ultimate, Women's
Volleyball, Men's Volleyball, Women's Water Polo, Men's
Water Polo, Women's Waterski & Wakeboard Wrestling

Clubs that are bold should use Kari as their Primary Report. Clubs that are italicized should use Laurel as their Primary Report.

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2016-2017 Recap

  • 51 registered Sport Clubs
  • 1,250 unique participants
  • 77 registered home events
  • 130 registered trips
    • 35 in-state
    • 95 out-of-state
  • Over 7,500 practice hours

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Recreational Services Mission and Guiding Principles

Check out the mission and guiding principles of Recreational Services, the department that is the home to University of Iowa Sport Clubs.

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  • Sport Clubs - Student-led organizations that compete in athletic contests against other University club teams regionally and nationally. Sport Clubs practice weekly during the academic-year and many travel throughout Iowa and the nation to compete in tournaments and matches.
  • Sport Programs - A sub-set of the Recreational Services Department comprised of both Intramural Sports programming and Sport Club activities.
  • Sport Programs Supervisor - Student staff employed by Recreational Services who oversee Intramural Sports and Sport Club contests as well as provide administrative work in the Sport Club office.

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Recognition as a Sport Club    

Steps to Becoming a Sport Club 

Step 1:
Sign into OrgSync with your Hawk ID and password. Complete and submit an Intent to Register a NEW Student Organization form.

Step 2:
Create a constitution for your potential new student organization using the Constitutional Standards & Guidelines. If you need assistance drafting your constitution, please contact the CSIL by email at

Your organization’s constitution must include the entire mandatory UI Human Rights Clause in the membership section, and it must include the entire mandatory Financial Clause as written within the Constitutional Standards & Guidelines. Remember to edit the dissolution portions of the Financial Clause that are noted (IN PARENTHESIS).

Do not simply copy/paste, then answer, the questions/prompts asked in the Constitutional Standards & Guidelines. Put thought into your organization’s constitution; format the information so that it is easy to reference and use. Keep in mind, the goal is for your organization to outlast your time at the University. You are setting up the structure that will govern your organization in to the future.

Step 3:
Contact Recreational Services to schedule a pre-registration meeting with an Assistant Director of Sport Programs ( or

You must bring a hard copy of the final draft of your constitution to your pre-registration meeting for feedback.

Based on the discussion and feedback provided at your pre-registration meeting, make any changes before proceeding to Step 4.

Step 4:
Sign into OrgSync with your Hawk ID and password. If you have not joined OrgSync, you must create an OrgSync personal profile.

Step 5:
Once in OrgSync, click on the “Browse Organizations” tab toward the top of the screen. Then, Click on the green button that says, “Register New Organization.” You will then need to click on “Center for Student Involvement & Leadership” and finally click “Select.”

Step 6:
Complete the New Organization Registration Form. This form should take about 20 to 25 minutes to complete. If you do not complete it, you will be able to return to the form by clicking on your personal profile (your photo in the corner of the screen). Then, click on "My Profile," from there, click on the "Activity" tab and finally select "Registration and Renewals" on the side. Your request should appear. This is also how to access a request that has been re-opened by the CSIL for edits. Please complete all fields on all pages of the registration request.

Step 7:
Submit the New Organization Registration Form.

*Please note: If a New Organization Registration Form is submitted without first submitting the Intent to Register form and having a Pre-registration Meeting, the form will be re-opened and will not be reviewed until a meeting has been held.

Step 8:
New Organization Registration Requests are approved by the Student Organization Review Committee (SORC) on the first and third Wednesdays of each month during the Fall and Spring semesters, and once per month during June, July & August. You may be contacted to present to the Student Organization Review Committee depending on the nature of your proposed organization's activities.

Step 9:
If approved by SORC, you will be sent an official notification via email (allow approximately one week) which will include information on signing up for and attending a New Organization Orientation/Training to activate your new organization on OrgSync.

Remaining a Sport Club
  1. Meet the expectations of the Sport Club Program and Recreational Services, as outlined in this document
  2. Have an active Sport Club membership of eight or more members
  3. Maintain a minimum active Sport Club membership of at least 80% enrolled students
  4. Meet the minimum requirements for required competition and travel
  5. Renew your OrgSync page each semester prior to September 15th and February 15th
  6. Remain in good standing with the University, Recreational Services, and Sport Programs

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Required Officer Positions

Sport Club Officers
Active and responsible Sport Club officers are a vital component to a successful club. Clubs are encouraged to elect a combination of upperclassmen and underclassmen for the officer positions to ensure continuity from year to year; all sport club officers must be current University of Iowa students. No member should hold multiple officer positions within the Club (excluding safety officer) to ensure a separation of duties, and avoid reliance on a single member for continuation of the Sport Club.

Only Sport Club officers or their appointed representative shall communicate with Recreational Services on behalf of the Club.

President and Vice President
The Sport Club President and Vice President are elected positions. The following duties are required to be performed by the President or Vice President of each Sport Club: 

  • Serve as a liaison between their Club and the Sport Clubs Staff
  • Inform their Club officers and members of all information pertaining to Sport Clubs
  • Ensure that their Sport Club is complying with the rules and regulations of the University of Iowa and Recreational Services
  • Complete and submit all necessary forms pertaining to their Sport Club including the submission of a waiver form for each member
  • Report the results of all Sport Club-sponsored activities either on or off-campus
  • Check the Club's mailbox located outside the Sport Club office, Room E216, Field House at least weekly
  • Arrange for facility and/or field reservations for Club functions

Treasurer is a required, critical officer position for each Sport Club. The treasurer must keep complete, documented, and updated financial records. The treasurer should assume the following responsibilities:

  • Keep current, accurate financial records
  • Document expenditures with the use of receipts
  • Make sure Sport Club monies are used properly according to UI, Sport Club, and team policies
  • Prepare a financial plan and submit to OrgSync by the designated deadline
  • Attend Treasurers training and complete the Cash Handling certification annually
  • Know and monitor the rules and regulations governing the financing of student organizations
  • Initiate and ensure that Club members assume responsibility for generating funds
  • Review the Club’s monthly financial ledger. These can be obtained via email request
  • Make all Club deposits; oversee that cash handling procedures are being followed

Travel Officer
The travel officer position is a required position for all Sport Clubs and is of particular importance for Clubs that travel frequently for competitions. The travel officer should assume the following responsibilities:

  • Book fleet services vehicle reservations
  • Ensure team has correct number of certified drivers well in advance of travel
  • Complete travel request forms on OrgSync for each trip, at least one week prior to departure
  • Fill out travel roster and submit on OrgSync for each trip, at least 24 hours prior to departure
  • Request reimbursements for travel-related purchases with assistance from Treasurer
  • Know and follow all University and Recreational Services travel policies and enforce among teammates

Safety Officers
A minimum of two (2) safety officer positions are required for all Sport Clubs. Any Club member that is a student and already CPR/AED/First Aid certified is qualified to act as safety officer. If no member of the Club has his /her certifications, classes are offered by Recreational Services free of charge. A copy of all certifications must be on record with Recreational Services annually via OrgSync, prior to the established deadline. The safety officer must also become concussion certified through NFHS or another reputable group approved by Recreational Services. The safety officer should assume the following responsibilities:

  • Maintain current CPR/AED/First Aid certifications and upload new certifications to OrgSync as necessary
  • Re-certify in concussion signs and symptoms annually, and ensure that all additional concussion certification requirements are met by other Club members
  • At least one safety officer is required to be present at all practices and events
  • File an accident report for Club members who are injured and require treatment during on or off campus practice, competition, informal recreation, or instruction related to the Sport Club to Sport Clubs Staff (E216 FH) within 48 hours of the accident when medical treatment is needed

For all off campus practices, the safety officer must provide the Sport Clubs staff with an Emergency Action Plan

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The language in each Sport Club’s individual Constitution (located on OrgSync) determines Club membership – all Clubs must maintain at least eight active members and no more than 20% of Club members may be non-students.

If a Club has fewer than ten members, all members must be current University of Iowa Students.

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Coaches and Instructors

Sport Clubs may choose to hire a coach or instructor on a voluntary or paid basis. It is the responsibility of the Club to find and select the coach or instructor should they choose to have one. Coaches and instructors are not employees of Recreational Services.

All Sport Clubs are required to submit the Coaches Agreement form on OrgSync each semester. This form must be signed by the Club officers as well as the Club coach/instructor. If a club does not have a coach/instructor, an alternative form will be completed stating that information.

Coach or instructors responsibilities are strictly limited to instruction specific to the sport during practices and events. Coaches must refrain from assisting in other areas of Club management. Coaches are prohibited from handling any funds on behalf of the Club at any time.

Instructors should be experienced within the specific sport and possess the necessary certifications or licenses, if required.

How to Pay a Sport Club Coach/Instructor

Coaches or instructors may be appointed for the period of time they are affiliated with the Sport Club and be paid from Club funds. The payment can consist of a lump sum amount at the end of service or on a monthly basis. Clubs may not use allocated funds from Recreational Services to pay their coach or instructor.

Documents for paying a Sport Club coach or instructor can be found on OrgSync under files. Once completed, these documents will need to be turned in to Sport Clubs Staff in-person.

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Sport Club Advisory Council

The Sport Club Advisory Council (SCAC) was first established in 2014 to create an environment for ongoing training and communication with the Sport Clubs Staff, to further developmental opportunities for Sport Club officers, and as an avenue for Sport Club officers to provide feedback to the administration of the program.

General Council

  • Each Sport Club must be represented by one Club member of their choosing on the General Council; preferably a Club officer
  • The Club representative must be an active member of a recognized Sport Club, a full-time student for both fall and spring semesters, and in good standing with The University of Iowa
  • No discrimination shall be made on the basis of gender, race, age, creed, religion, disability, sexual preference or orientation, gender identity, gender expression, national origin, marital status, parental status or veteran’s status. No hazing or discrimination will be used as a condition of membership in this organization


  • In addition to the General Council, three committees will also be tasked with additional duties as assigned.
    • The three committees are:
      • Funding & Finance
      • Conduct Board & Officer Improvement
      • Special Events
      • The committees will be made up of at least two and no more than six members of the general council
      • Members can be part of more than one committee if desired
  • Each committee position is open for application in Fall and Spring to begin immediately
    • Terms will last one academic year with committee members having the right to reapply for their position if they choose
  • Each Club representative will earn $50/semester for their Club provided they meet the expectations of meetings and duties given by the Sport Clubs Staff for the committee


  • General Council
    • Provide a forum for Club members and officers to discuss general concerns related to their Sport Club or the Sport Clubs Program as a whole
    • Informing their Sport Club’s membership of any and all departmental policies, news, and standards
    • Serve on a committee if desired and selected
  • Committees
    • Funding & Finance Committee
      • Review supplemental allocation requests and make recommendations
      • Create fundraising guide for all Sport Clubs
      • Gather data for future funding proposals
    • Conduct Board & Officer Improvement Committee
      • Serve as a review panel for any disciplinary action to be taken against any Sport Club in violation of policies and/or procedures, including making recommendations for penalties in any of the following areas:
        • Monetary
        • Membership
        • Facilities
        • Activities
        • Resources
      • Meet with Sport Clubs Staff to plan the agenda for SCAC meetings
      • Assist with training officers at the beginning of the year
      • Mentor new officers throughout the year
    • Special Events Committee
      • Establish at least one community event each semester to positively represent Sport Clubs
      • Coordinate recruiting events during both Fall and Spring semesters


  • The SCAC will meet once monthly throughout the academic year. Dates and times will be determined and announced prior to the semester
  • The committees will meet at least one to two times a semester with additional meetings scheduled as needed

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Benefits and Services

Facility Space
Sport Clubs are provided facility space free-of-charge and at a priority over other student organizations; per the guidelines stated in the “Facility Use” section of this document.

Financial Support
This academic year (2017-2018) the Sport Program Budget included $50,000 to allocate across all Sport Clubs through the annual allocation and supplemental funding.

Sport Clubs earn these funds through compliance and need-based allocation described in the “Sport Club Funding” section.

Travel Assistance
Through participation in Sport Clubs, members are able to utilize fleet services vehicles for Sport Club-related travel in addition to being reimbursed for travel-related expenses. The Sport Clubs Staff can assist with booking of hotels, payment of registrations prior to travel and will process travel reimbursements following the event.

Event Assistance
In addition to providing space for a Sport Club event, Sport Programs will provide a Sport Program Supervisor for all on-campus Sport Club competitions, and have contracted with Athletico to provide Athletic Trainers for certain high-risk Clubs at a reduced cost to the Club. The Sport Program Supervisor can assist with set-up and tear down as necessary, communication between the event and the Facility Supervision, and Risk Management duties.

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Facility Use

Sport Clubs are scheduled each semester in Recreational Services facilities prior to the remaining space being made available to other Student Organizations. Depending on space availability, Sport Clubs may only be allotted one practice per week. For spaces and times that are less in-demand, Clubs may receive more time and space. If practice time is assigned to a Sport Club, it is expected and required that the Club maintain an average of at least 8 members per practice. Should the Club not maintain these required numbers, practice space will be taken away until the Club can build up appropriate numbers to request facility space again. Clubs must use the space and time scheduled for their Club. Clubs are not allowed to move rooms or change practice times without prior approval of the Sport Clubs staff. Clubs must notify Sport Clubs Staff if a practice is being cancelled.

Event space for matches, games, tournaments, etc. is made available to Sport Clubs on a first-come, first-served basis and should be scheduled directly with Sport Clubs Staff during a pre-arranged meeting. Event Space will not be reserved during drop-in meetings. The use of Recreational Services facilities for events is free-of-charge for Sport Clubs. If a staffed event is cancelled less than 24 hours prior to the start of the event or the sport program staff is not notified of a cancelled event, the Club will be charged the hourly rate for the staff supervising the event and for the Athletic Trainer, if one was contracted for the event for the original duration scheduled for the event.

Meeting Space is available to Sport Clubs on a first-come, first-served basis and can be scheduled throughout the semester by contacting Sport Clubs Staff.

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Travel Guidelines

Travel Request
Travel Request Forms are required for all Sport Club travel and are due at least 7 days in advance of the trip departure via OrgSync OR prior to making any travel related purchases (ex: registration, hotel reservations, etc).

Travel Rosters
Travel Rosters are required for all Sport Club travel and are due at least 24 hours in advance of the trip departure. The Travel Roster document can be found on OrgSync under files and should be uploaded to OrgSync via the Travel Roster Form.

Fleet Services Reservations
Travel officers can make Fleet Services Reservations via the Employee Self Service Webpage, using the directions found in the “Travel Officer Training” Powerpoint found on OrgSync under Files

If you’re taking fleet services vehicles you have to have AT MINIMUM two (2) certified drivers per vehicle.

  • Certifications have two parts:
    • A pass/fail online test (One time test)
    • A Driver’s License review with your state of license (has to be done annually)
  • License Reviews have a cost that varies from $8-$16 depending on state (Iowa Driver checks are at no cost)
  • Drivers certifications are due at least two weeks ahead of anticipated trip

Travel Reimbursements
Sport Clubs may request reimbursement of travel-related expenses including gas, mileage, hotels and food. All travel reimbursements need a copy of the receipt to be processed, with the exception of mileage. Travel reimbursement requests should be made through the OrgSync form Travel Reimbursements.

Hotels should be paid for by Sport Clubs Staff through a pre-arranged meeting. If hotels were booked in advance direct with the hotel, the cost will be transferred over to the Sport Clubs Staff’s p-card. Hotels can also be booked during this meeting either direct with the hotel or through an online travel site using the Sport Clubs Staff’s p-card. See the graphic below for more details.

Travel Steps Diagram

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Risk Management

Concussion Requirements
Each Sport Club has been assessed for risk of concussion and injury and placed into a tier system for concussion certification requirements.

  • The lowest levels of concussion risk Sport Clubs will need their two safety officers to complete the two required concussion trainings
  • The mid-level concussion risk Sport Clubs will need to complete four concussion certifications, two of which must be completed by the safety officers
  • The highest level concussion risk for Sport Clubs will need to complete six concussion certifications, two of which must be completed by the safety officers

To complete online concussion training the Club member will need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the NFHS Concussion for Students webpage
  2. Register for NFHS by clicking the register button on the top right corner
    • Fill out personal information
  3. Go back to theNFHS Concussion for Students webpage and click "order course"
    • Select “myself” when asked who you are ordering the course for
    • Put in the state of Iowa when prompted
    • Click check-out
    • Agree to policy by clicking the box
    • Click continue
  4. On the order receipt page click on “click here” in the top text or click on dashboard on the top of the page
  5. Begin the course
  6. At the completion of the course a certificate will be available
    • Download and save the certification to your computer
  7. Upload the certification onto OrgSync under forms – concussion certification upload

Spot Checks
Spot checks will take place at least once a semester by the Sport Program Supervisors for all on-campus Sport Clubs. Spot checks should not take more than five minutes of the officer’s time during practice. The following will be checked and documented during spot checks:

  • Number of people at practice
  • Sport Club OrgSync roster compared with those at practice
  • Safety Officer at practice (with CPR/AED/First Aid and Concussion Certifications on file)
  • Officer contact information

Sport Clubs without at least eight people or who do not meet the 80% student ratio requirement at practice will be re-checked to ensure the required minimum number of members is being met.

Anyone practicing who is not on the roster and does not have a waiver signed will be required to fulfill these requirements prior to continue practicing or will be asked to leave. The Club will lose two compliance points for any non-waivered or un-rostered participants identified during the spot check.

If there is not a certified safety officer at practice, the practice will be immediately ended and practices will not continue until there is a safety officer on file.

Waivers must be signed by anyone participating in Sport Club activities including practices. All students, faculty and staff should fill out the waiver on OrgSync. Community members may fill out a paper version of the online waiver which must be submitted to the Sport Club office in person.

OrgSync waivers only need to be signed one time for the entire duration of a person’s participation in Sport Clubs. If you have community members that do not have access to OrgSync, they will need to submit a signed paper copy of the waiver annually to be kept on file with the Sport Club office.

Accident Reports
Accident Reports should be filled out following any injury or incident. When the Sport Club is on-campus in a staffed facility they should have the facility supervisor fill out the form. When the Sport Club is off-campus, including while traveling, the safety officer should complete the Accident Report. This report can be downloaded from OrgSync and should be brought to all Club activities in the event of an emergency. Should an Accident Report need to be filled out, it should be turned in to Sport Clubs Staff within 48 hours of the accident.

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Standards of Conduct

All Sport Clubs and their members must abide by the University’s code of student life as well as the expectations of the Sport Club Program.

Alcohol Use
Sport Clubs are strictly prohibited from the use or possession of alcohol prior to or during any Sport Club event including practices, events, fundraisers, travel, etc.

Disciplinary Process
Sport Clubs not abiding by the policies and expectations listed above are subject to disciplinary actions. The disciplinary process will depend on the type and severity of the violation by the Club.

Minor disciplinary actions may be determined by either or both the Sport Club Conduct Board or the Sport Clubs Staff.

The disciplinary process for acts of hazing, misuse of funds, alcohol and illegal drug provision and other misconduct related to the University will go through the Dean of Students. More information about that process can be found on the Dean of Student Discipline of Registered Student Organizations page.

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Compliance and Sanctions

Compliance Requirements
All Sport Clubs must comply with certain paperwork and meeting requirements each semester to remain a Sport Club in good standing. In general, Sport Clubs must maintain at least 80% compliance each semester, though the expectation is that all Sport Clubs will be 100% compliant every semester.

Compliance Tracking
All paperwork, required meetings and additional items used for compliance points such as travel requests, travel rosters will be tracked by the Sport Program Staff. Paperwork items submitted after the deadline are still required, but are not eligible for points. At the end of the academic year, these points will be translated into a dollar amount to be allocated at the start of the following academic year.

  • Officer Trainings – 3 points per training
  • OrgSync Forms (equipment inventory, financial plan, practice requests, officer info, coach agreements, end of semester report) – 2 points each
  • Safety Officer Certifications – 3 points per required certification
  • Concussion Certifications – 2 points per required certification
  • Cash Handling Certification – 2 points
  • SCAC Meeting Attendance – 2 points per meeting
  • 1on1 Meeting Attendance – 3 points
  • OrgSync Registration Renewal – 2 points
  • Roster Updated – 2 points
  • Hosting Home Competition – 2 points per competition
  • Travel Forms (travel requests and travel rosters) – 2 points per form

Hawkeye Scoreboard
The Hawkeye Scoreboard will be sent to all Sport Club officers for their respective Clubs monthly and shows a detailed summary of compliance items completed to date. An example is shown below.

Minor Infraction Sanctions

Should a Sport Club not turn in paperwork by the deadline or miss a required meeting (all dates and deadlines are listed in the important dates and deadlines document given to each Club at the start of the semester) the following disciplinary actions will occur: 

    • First Missed Requirement – Reminder email from Sport Clubs Staff
    • Second Missed Requirement – Meeting with Sport Clubs Staff
    • Third Missed Requirement– Specific action to remedy situation given by Sport Clubs Staff (ex: completing additional paperwork or activity)

Non-Compliance Sanctions

Probationary Status
If a Sport Club does not complete at least 80% of compliance requirements during a semester, the Club will be put on probation for the following semester.

During the probationary semester, the Sport Club must complete 90% of requirements to be removed from probationary status as well as any additional items that may be added to the Club’s requirements for compliance (i.e. community service, additional meetings with Sport Clubs Staff) at the discretion of the Sport Clubs Staff.

Suspended Status
Failure to complete the requirements to be removed from probationary status will result in the Sport Club being considered suspended. A Sport Club labeled as suspended will not receive any funding, will not travel, and will not have practice space or times.

The Sport Club may request to return to probationary status after one semester of suspended status with approval of the Sport Clubs Staff. The Sport Club will be required to complete 100% of requirements for the first semester of return, followed by 90% the second semester. Following the completion of those two semesters with adequate compliance, the Club may return to an 80% compliance requirement with approval of the Sport Clubs Staff and be considered a Club in good standing.

Sport Clubs may appeal the Sport Clubs Staff’s decision that the Sport Club to be placed on probationary or suspended status by completing the following:

  1. Request an appeal in writing (email is acceptable) to either Assistant Director of Sport Programs within 48 hours of being notified of Club change-in-status
  2. The Assistant Director of Sport Programs will set-up a meeting with the Sport Club and the Associate Director of Sport Programs to discuss the appeal within one week
  3. The Associate Director of Sport Programs will make a final decision regarding the appeal within three business days following the appeal meeting

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Financial Plan
Financial Plans must be submitted via OrgSync at the beginning of the fall semester. This plan should include a proposed budget for the year as well as a written explanation of the plan and the reasoning behind it. The Financial Plan should be referred to throughout the year by the Treasurer to ensure the Club is staying on track financially.

eposits should be made in-person at the Field House Member Services counter. It is encouraged to submit deposits on the same day that they are received to prevent loss. Member Services will complete the deposit transaction and then hand you a receipt for your records.

Sport Clubs may purchase items and services for their Club in two ways. The preferred method is to contact Sport Clubs Staff and have them purchase the item directly using their p-card. An invoice must be provided in order for this transaction to occur. The second method should be used only when it would not be possible to have Sport Clubs Staff make the purchase. In this case, a Club member may make a purchase and then request reimbursement for the item by submitted a valid receipt or proof of purchase. Depending on the purchase, the Club may also need to turn in additional items such as a roster of who was in attendance.

Regardless of how the Club chooses to purchase items, all purchases should go through the Sport Club account and should not be purchased by one Club member and then reimbursed to them by the other Club members (such as clothing purchases).

It is required that all Sport Clubs charge their members dues of an amount determined by the Club’s officers. Dues should cover the costs of running the Club successfully including travel, equipment, operational costs, uniforms, etc. The dues amount should be reconsidered each year in collaboration with the creation of the financial plan.

Dues can be paid through check, cash or UBill. UBill due payment can only be processed if eight or more members are interested in this payment method.  

Sport Club Accounts
All Sport Clubs are provided a University account through which all income and expenses for the Club should flow. It is important that the Club knows its individual MFK number for this account, as it will need to be provided in a variety of forms for the Sport Club Program.

As the University provides these accounts to student organizations, Sport Clubs are PROHIBITED from having an outside bank account or using a personal bank account for Club business.

Sport Club account balances rollover from year to year and it is good financial practice to maintain at least a small amount of money in the account in the event of an unexpected financial emergency. Club balances are not permitted to fall below a zero dollar amount at any time, and it is the responsibility of the Club to ensure they have adequate funds to cover any expense beyond what is currently available in the account.

Account Tracking
The Sport Club Staff keeps a ledger record of all Sport Club purchases for each individual Sport Club. These account ledgers are updated monthly at the end of the reconciliation period for the University. The Sport Club Staff will send monthly updates to Club Treasurers, however, a Club can always request to view its ledger at any time. It is important to note that these ledgers are not real-time accounts and purchases and deposits may not be accurately reflected.

Club Treasurers should keep their own records of income and expenses to compare with the ledger provided to them by Sport Programs. It is the responsibility of the Club to notice any discrepancies in the ledger and account and bring them to the attention of the Sport Clubs Staff.

Cash Box Policy
Cash Boxes can be rented from the Student Org Business Office (SOBO) for fundraising events where you will be collecting cash and/or making change.

You must print and complete the Cash Box Request Form (located on OrgSync) and turn it in to the SOBO office, 159 IMU, at least a week prior to the event that requires a cash box.

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Sport Club Funding

Sport Clubs in good standing receive funds from Recreational Services in two ways: annual allocations and supplemental funding. Annual allocations are determined through two methods, need-based and compliance-based.

Need-Based Funding
At the conclusion of each academic year each Sport Club is placed into a bracket based on finances, rosters, governing bodies, competition, and travel.  Each of these brackets are allocated a certain percentage of funds available for sport program allocations to be distributed amongst the Clubs within that bracket. Within each bracket, that dollar amount is distributed proportionally to each Club based on the percentage of total dollars spent by that Club compared to the other Clubs within the bracket.

Compliance-Based Funding
Throughout the year the Sport Club Program tracks all of required paperwork, meeting attendance in addition to travel-related compliance items (travel requests, travel rosters). Each Club earns a set amount of points per compliance item that is completed on time and correctly. These points are totaled at the end of the year for each Club. The total amount of points earned by all Clubs is also totaled and divided by the total amount of funding available for allocation under compliance to create a dollar-to-points ratio. Each Club’s total points is then converted to this dollar amount and allocated at the beginning of the fall semester.

Supplemental Funding
In addition to the annual allocation amounts through need-based and compliance-based funding, Clubs can also requests supplemental funding for the purpose of attending national or regional events through both Recreational Services and UI Student Government.

Recreational Services supplemental funding requests become available in the spring semester through an OrgSync form. Requests can be retroactively applied if the Club’s national or regional event occurred during the fall semester. Should a Club not attend an event they received supplemental funding for, those funds will be seized from the Clubs account at the end of the academic year. Supplemental funding requests will be processed through the Funding/Finance Committee with final determinations being made by Sport Clubs Staff.

UISG supplemental funding must be applied for at least two weeks in advance of the tournament for which funds are being requested. Again, these requests are only eligible for national or regional tournaments. UISG supplemental funding requests can be found on OrgSync under forms.

Fundraising and Donations
Fundraising by Sport Clubs is actively encouraged as a means to add additional funds to the Club account. All fundraised monies must be put into the Sport Club’s University account. Should a Club need a W-9 or Tax ID number, this can be found online through a search for the University’s tax information which is public record. However, Sport Clubs do not fall under the University’s non-profit status which means donations are not tax-deductible.

Alcohol-related fundraising activities are strictly forbidden including, but not limited to, bar crawls.

When in doubt if a fundraising activity is allowable, the Club should contact the Sport Clubs Staff

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Mass Emails
Each student organization is allowed to send one mass email per semester. A Club must fill out the online mass email request form (see important links at the beginning of this manual) and bring this to the Sport Club office for approval by Sport Clubs Staff. It will then be sent on to the next required approval person by the Sport Clubs Staff. Clubs should be aware that it will take at least a week or longer for mass email requests to be approved and sent.

Recreational Services Marketing Services
In an effort to help promote Sport Club activities, Recreational Services can provide several marketing offerings including the following:

  • Digital Displays in all five Recreational Services buildings with information about recruitment, events, or practices
  • Tabling at the CRWC for 2 hours
  • Social Media re-posting of Club social media activity using #UISportClubs or by tagging @recserv

It is strongly suggested that Sport Clubs take advantage of these promotional opportunities as they are free of cost as a benefit of being part of the Sport Club Program.

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