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The Department of Recreational Services hires part-time UI students for the majority of hourly positions.  However, some program areas also hire non-students or students from other schools, colleges or universities.  The same application process applies.  

Our goal is to provide valuable career experience for UI Students while fostering student development and improving leadership skills.

Current Positions Open

  1. Intramural Sports Official and Intramural Sports Scorekeeper
  2. Assistant IFLY Swim Coach
  3. School of the Wild Instructor
  4. MNRA Maintenance Assistant
  5. Wildlife Camps Bus Driver - Macbride Nature Recreation Area 
  6. Wildlife Camps Coordinator - Various Iowa State Park Locations
  7. Sport Club Supervisor
  8. Hawkeye Recreation Fields Supervisor
  9. Group Exercise Instructor
  10. Tennis Instructor
  11. CRWC Facility Attendant
  12. CRWC Member Services Attendant
  13. CRWC Facility Supervisor
  14. Lifeguard 
  15. Swim Instructor
  16. Facility Attendant – Field House
  17. Facility Supervisor - Field House
  18. Member Services Attendant - Field House
  19. Personal Trainer
  20. Risk Management Assistant
  21. Climbing Wall Attendant
  22. Outdoor Rental Center Attendant
  23. Marketing Assistant
  24. Reformer Pilates Instructor

All positions currently open are listed on HireaHawk. You can find our open positions and more details by clicking on "Jobs and Internships” and then selecting “Student Employment.” Hiring in some of our program areas is done on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

How to Apply

Where do I apply for these positions?

  1. Complete our application. If the position is not listed in the drop down box on the application, it is not currently open.
  2. The Recreational Services Human Resources office will follow up with you upon receipt of your application for a preliminary review of your information and to walk you through the next steps.

If you are a person with a disability who requires an accommodation in order to make application for employment, please contact Human Resources in advance, at 335-0121.

Eligibility - UI Students

Who can work part-time for the Department of Recreational Services?

  • University of Iowa students registered for at least 1 semester hour (correspondence courses do not apply). 
  • Both Work Study and Non-Work Study students are eligible.
  • During the academic year (AY) students may work up to 20 hours per week or 680 hours in an AY.
  • During the summer, Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring Break periods, UI students may work 40 hours per week. During the summer UI student registration is not required.
  • Hours worked during Thanksgiving and Spring Break do count toward the 680 hours.
  • Peak hiring periods are in March/April for the upcoming summer or fall semester and October/November for the spring semester.

Part-time Job Descriptions 

If you would like to see more information about the job duties of the position along with qualifications and training requirements for our part-time positions, please see the job descriptions under "More Information." You can click on the position title and the job description will open up for your review.