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Field House

The Field House originally opened in 1927 and renovated in 1985, this facility houses 8 basketball/volleyball courts, 5 badminton courts, 16 racquetball courts, 2 Squash Courts, Cycling Studio, Group Exercise Room, 8 Multi-Activity Rooms, 10 Wallyball Courts, a swimming pool, Classrooms, locker rooms, saunas and Recreational Services offices.

Additional staff offices and academic departments housed in the Field House include Men’s & Women’s Gymnastics, Sports Camps, Health and Human Physiology, Health & Physical Activity Skills, Lifetime Leisure Skills.

The Field House is a membership access facility - patrons will be required to have a Recreational Services Membership or pay the daily walk-in fee in order to use the facility. The Field House is located on South Grand, just west of Rienow and Slater Residence Halls and just east of the University Hospitals and Clinics. Parking is available in Lot 6 underneath the South Gym or in Lot 14, a parking lot southeast of the Field House. Campus routes Red (Rienow stop), Blue (Slater stop), and Interdorm (Rienow stop) all stop outside of the Field House. The main entrance to the Field House is Main Street, the area between the swimming pool and South Gym. The Field House can be access from the east or west doors leading into the Main Street area.

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225 South Grand
Iowa City, IA 52242
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Chuck Thomas Assistant Director, Facility Operations 319-335-8439


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