Diving Well | Recreational Services
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  • Depth: 14ft-17ft
  • Pool Temp: 82-84 Degrees F
  • Open Rec. Format: Lap Swim, Open Rec. Diving
  • Features:
    • Springboards: two 3-meter, and two 1-meter
    • Platform boards heights: 10-meter, 7.5-meter, 5-meter, 3-meter, and 1-meter
    • Lap Lanes


  • A Recreational Services lifeguard must be present before entering the water.
  • Emergency Signal—3 whistle blasts. Exit the pool immediately.
  • Proficient swimming ability is required. Flotation devices may be used only during supervised instructional classes or with consent of the aquatic director.
  • Use of diving towers and diving harnesses is restricted to authorized collegiate divers, or approved groups, under the direct supervision of certified diving coaches or instructors.
  • When diving boards and diving towers are in use, swim only in designated areas.
  • Goggles and other eyewear may not be worn while using the diving boards or diving towers.
  • When recreational diving is available:
    • Only the inside 1-meter and inside 3-meter springboards may be used.
    • Springboard fulcrum must be set in the forward-most position.
    • All jumps and dives must be in a straight-forward direction.
    • Back dives, inward dives, reverse dives, spins, handstands, and seat drops are not permitted.
    • Only one person on a diving board at a time.
    • Only one bounce per jump or dive is allowed.
    • Swim directly to the nearest stair and exit the pool after each entry.
  • Activity deemed unsafe by the lifeguard will be prohibited.
  • No horseplay in or around the swimming pool.
  • No running on the deck.
  • Do not enter the pool if you have a communicable disease or an open wound.
  • Shower before entering the pool and after use of restroom facilities.
  • Proper swimwear is required.
  • Glass containers are prohibited in the pool area.
  • Do not bring food, drink, gum, alcohol, or tobacco products into the pool.

Swim Suit Policy

Appropriate swimwear is required at all times in all Recreational Services aquatic facilities.


  • Standard swimwear: 
    • Swim trunks, bathing suits, competitive suits, body suits, rash guards and scuba suits.
  • Appropriate coverage:
    • Females: covering breasts, buttocks, genitals and pubic regions.
    •  Males: covering buttocks, genitals, and pubic regions.
  • All swimwear must be dual lined material with inner liner.


  • Items that are not considered swimwear:
    • Compression shorts, sports bras, Under Armour, athletic shorts, thongs, cotton clothing, cut-off jeans or shorts.
  • Inappropriate coverage of body parts as deemed so by our aquatic staff.
  • Worn out materials/transparent materials.

For infants and children:

  • Infants and children that are not toilet trained must wear swim diapers.
  • Infants and children in swim diapers must have a swimsuit over the diaper at all times.
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Diving Well is Closed