Our Mission | Recreational Services
The University of Iowa


To provide diverse recreational experiences that encourage active lifestyles.

Guiding Principles

We accomplish our mission by following these guiding principles:

  • Fun – We believe, first and foremost, recreation should be fun.
  • Quality Of Life – We strive to improve one’s quality of life by teaching and to offer lifelong skills that contribute to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Celebrate Differences – We understand that being inclusive to all who wish to participate improves the recreation experience for the whole.
  • Provide Diverse Options – We are committed to offering a wide range of opportunities to accommodate a variety of interests.
  • Student Development – We uphold our responsibility to develop students, both as employees and participants, by enhancing their collegiate experiences.
  • Our Environment – We believe in the importance of providing an atmosphere that is both safe and respectful.
  • Community Outreach – We acknowledge our role in providing recreational opportunities for the community that extends beyond the campus.
  • Campus Partner – We strive to support the vision and values of the Division of Student Life and The University of Iowa by working collaboratively.