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Yoga Series


Our Yoga Series offers classes for different groups of people including men, youth, cyclists, and expectant mothers. Registration is FREE but participants must register online.

Click here to register for any of our yoga classes.

Yoga for Cyclists

Spending most of your time bent forward over handlebars tightens your hip flexors, puts a strain on your lower back and tenses up your shoulders.  Your legs are also heavily relied on for pushing the pedal to power the bike so you overwork your hamstrings, quadriceps and calves. Try this Special yoga class for YOU THE CYCLIST. 

Yoga can help relieve hamstrings, calves, thighs, lower back discomfort and shoulder pain.  Not only does it help repair pain-afflicted areas, it protects your body by making it stronger.  It helps mobilize the joints and strengthens the muscles around the joints to keep the joints safe.  This class will help strengthen the places that get too weak when you spend too much time in the saddle.

  • Saturday, May 6 4-5:00pm CRWC / AR3 - Denise
  • Class size limited to 25

Yoga for Youth 

Yoga for Youth offers an age-appropriate experience of yoga postures, breathing, and meditation.  Our goal is to provide a yoga class in a fun, structured environment, building a foundation in  yogic practices that will serve them for a lifetime.  

  • Saturday, April 22 4-5:00pm CRWC / AR3 - Meredith (also our awesome Wildlife Camps Instructor!!)
  • Class size limited to 25

Yoga for Moms

Are you an expectant mother?  

This yoga class will focus on techniques specialized to the needs of the pregnant woman, including specific modifications for each trimester. It is never too late to start preparing for a wonderful birthing process.  Prenatal yoga is a safe way to ease in to yoga for first-timers.  This class will include: alignment for the expectant mother, appropriate yoga poses for each trimester, how to practice common yoga techniques safely, and relaxation/stress management skills.

  • Saturday, April 29 4-5:00pm CRWC / AR3 - Jenna
  • Class size limited to 25