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2017 Wiffleball - Friday Night Series

Wiffleball Links: Captain's Guide | Rules | Registration Instructions | Rec*It Registration Instructions

Registration and Event Information

Registration Period: Thursday, January 26 at 8:00 AM through Thursday, February 9 at 11:59 PM on

Event Date: Friday, February 17 at 7:00 PM on the Field House Main Deck

Format: Single Elimination Tournament

Sport Description

Everyone’s favorite childhood backyard game is here again! Intramural Wiffleball is back for 2016 as part of the Friday Night Series. This event will be a single-elimination tournament that will be played on Friday, February 17 on the Field House Main Deck. With only 6 players in the field at a time, Wiffleball provides an excellent opportunity to get a great workout while also reliving some of your childhood memories. So, grab a few friends and get registered for Intramural Wiffleball for your chance to win that legendary Intramural Champion T-shirt!

Important Information

  1. To participate in Intramural Sports, a UI Student, Faculty, Staff or Affiliate must purchase an Intramural Sports Membership. This $20.00/semester membership allows you to participate in almost any Intramural sport/event that semester. Once the Intramural Sports Membership is purchased, there is no additional cost to register. Directions on how to purchase an Intramural Sports Membership can be found here.
  2. Before the start of the tournament, each player must present a valid UI or government-issued photo ID to participate.
  3. There is no limit to the size of a team’s roster, however, a team must have at least five players on its roster to complete registration.
  4. There is no gender requirement for teams as Intramural Wiffleball is an Open event, meaning males will be competing with and against females. However, a run scored by a female counts for two runs towards the team total.
  5. A game is played between two teams. Teams may play with a minimum of five players.  
  6. Athletic shoes are required for participation.
  7. Teams may add players to their team up until the scheduled start time of the tournament’s first game.
  8. If a team is leading by 20 runs after 7 innings, the mercy rule will go into effect and the game will end.
  9. A team that forfeits a scheduled game will be charged a $50.00 Forfeit Fine to the team captain’s U-Bill.
  10. All sport-specific rules and regulations for Intramural Wiffleball can be found by clicking the "Rules" link above.
  11. In order to receive Men’s or Women’s Coach’s Corner Intramural Sports Points Championship points, teams must have all men or all women, respectively, signed-in and participating in the event at all times. In order to receive Co-Rec Coach’s Corner Intramural Sport Points, teams must have three men and three women signed-in and participating in the event at all times. 
  12. Want to play but don't have a team? You can join as a Free Agent on if you have paid the Intramural Sports Membership Fee, or you can join our Free Agent Group on Facebook to connect with other people looking for more players to form a team. Listing yourself as a Free Agent does not guarantee you will be on a team.

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