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Golf Rules

 Rule 1: Facility | Rule 2: Player Eligibility | Rule 3: Game Basics | Rule 4: Hole Contests | Rule 5: Chipping Contest | 
Rule 6: Finishing the Round

USGA Rules of Golf will govern play unless otherwise noted. 
Recent rule changes appear in italicized font.

Rule 1: Facility

  1. The round will be played at Finkbine Golf Course. Alcohol consumption is not permitted while participating in any Intramural Sports. 

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Rule 2: Player Eligibility

  1. This event is open to University of Iowa students, faculty, staff, affiliates and the general public.
  2. All players must check-in with their government-issued photo ID cards or University ID cards at the tournament check-in table prior to their rounds.

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Rule 3: Game Basics

  1. Two-person scramble rules will apply. Both players will hit from the tee. The team selects the most advantageous out of the two drives and both players will hit from that spot. Process will continue until the ball is holed.
  2. Players can improve their lies by moving the ball no more than one club length, but may not move closer to the hole.
    1. Players cannot change the condition of the ball without penalty, ex: move the ball out of a bunker, out of the water, from behind a tree, from rough into the fairway, etc.
  3. Men will tee-off from the gold tees. Women will tee-off from the silver tees. Seniors (over 65) may tee-off from the White Tees.
  4. On the green, use a coin or a ball marker to know from where the second person will putt.
  5. Two Putt Maximum: Each team is allotted only one putt attempted. If the ball is not holed on the first putt, the ball will be picked up and a stroke added to the hole score. This is to ensure pace of play.
    • The two putt max rule only applies to the green. If the ball is putted off the green on the first putt the next shot does not count towards the two putt maximum. 
      • Example: If a team is on the green in two shots then putts off the green for their third shot, the fourth shot is not considered a putt and does not count towards the two putt maximum. 
  6. Double Bogey Maximum: Each team can take a maximum of a double bogey on any one hole. If the ball is not holed by the amount of shots that would equal a bogey (4 on a Par 3, 5 on a Par 4, 6 on a Par 5), the ball shall be picked up and a stroke added to the hole score. This is to ensure pace of play.
  7. Divots must be filled with sand and seed mix available in the carts. Green marks must also be fixed from any shots that damage the green.
  8. Players may use a caddy. However, caddies must pay for and ride in golf carts, so as to not slow down play. 

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Rule 4: Hole Contests (All Players are Eligible)

  1. Long Drive Men – Hole #2 (drive must be in the fairway)
  2. Long Drive Women – Hole #11 (drive must be in the fairway)
  3. Closest to the Pin – Hole #13 (closest tee shot, must be on green, on the fringe does not count)
  4. Longest Putt Made – Hole #18 (putt must be from on the green, on the fringe does not count)

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Rule 5: Chipping Contest

  1. On the tee box of hole #2, each player will have two chances to hit a ball into the center target of a chipping net. If the ball ends up in the center target, that player wins a chance to win a coupon. All players can participate. There is no cost for this contest.

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Rule 6: Finishing the Round

  1. Players must submit their signed scorecards to Tournament Staff located in the Finkbine Gazebo following their rounds.
  2. The tie-breaker for any teams will be a card back starting from hole #18.
  3. Following the round, all players are invited to the gazebo just off the 18th green where tournament and raffle prizes will be awarded.
    • Players must be present to win raffles.

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