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Rule 1: Players | Rule 2: League Play | Rule 3: Handicaps | Rule 4: Averages | Rule 5: Scoring | Rule 6: Tee Boxes | Rule 7: Pace of Play | Rule 8: Scorecards | 
Rule 9: Stroke Limit | Rule 10: Putting | Rule 11: Playing Rules | Rule 12: Looking for a BallRule 13: Substitutions | Rule 14: Rainout/Lightning Policy | Rule 15: Prizes | Rule 16: Forfeits


Rule 1: Players

Each team is made up of 2 players. Players can be UI Faculty, Staff, Retirees, or Students. Spouses or immediate family of UI Faculty/Staff/Retirees/Students are also eligible for play, but must play with a UI Faculty/Staff/Retiree/Student.

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Rule 2: League Play

Each week teams are matched up with another two-some in their section. At the beginning of the season, Finkbine will set a tee time for each match, each week. Teams will have balanced schedules throughout the 10-week period. Once registration is complete, a schedule for all 10 weeks will be distributed.

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Rule 3: Handicaps

Each player’s handicap will be 90% of the difference between the player’s average score and scratch. The handicaps will be listed on the scorecards. The minimum allowed handicap will be 0 and the maximum allowed handicap will be 30.

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Rule 4: Averages

Averages will be figured using whole season averages. The first night of play will use last year's handicap.  If you did not play last year, you will use your score from the first night of play to figure your handicap using the 90% rule. After the first night of play, your handicap will be determined by the average of the scores you have shot. If a sub is used, he/she will use his/her league average from each time he/she has played in the league. If a person participates only as a sub, he/she will use his/her average as a sub after having established it the first time he/she plays. 

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Rule 5: Scoring

Teams will be playing for points against both the other team in their foursomes and the other teams in their sections. A team will receive 2 points for every team in its section that it beats and receive 1 point for every team in its section that it ties. For example, if there are eight teams in a section, the team with the lowest net team score will be awarded 14 points. The team with the second lowest net team score will be awarded 12 points, and so on. The team with the highest net team score in the section will receive 0 points. In addition to those section points, teams will also be competing head-to-head against the other team in their foursomes. The lowest net team score in each foursome will receive 2 bonus points.

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Rule 6: Tee Boxes

Women tee off from the gray tee markers. Men tee off from the gold tee markers; however, men who are 65 and older have the option to tee off from the white tee markers. Any players age 80 and above may hit from the gray tee markers.

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Rule 7: Pace of Play

Due to the number of teams and the limited amount of daylight, it is very important that you keep pace with the group ahead of you. Please work hard to keep up. Please limit practice swings to one or less.​

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Rule 8: Scorecards

Ensure your scorecard is filled out completely including your name, league day and section color, individual hole scores and total round score. Submit your completed scorecards to the golf shop following the round.

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Rule 9: Stroke Limit

If a player has reached a score of quadruple bogey (four over par) and has not yet completed a hole, he/she must pick up his/her ball and discontinue play. He/She will get the maximum score of quadruple bogey on that hole. 

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Rule 10: Putting

Each hole will have a 3-putt maximum from the green. If your ball is on the green, and you do not hole out after your first two putts, you do not need to putt again. You will automatically add one more stroke to your score, and pick-up your ball. EXCEPTION: If one of your first two putts goes off the green, you must hit it back onto the green before you can add a stroke and pick-up. Additionally, each flagstick at Finkbine Golf Course will be marked with a 2-foot mark. If a putt is inside 2-feet, it is “good” and does not need to be holed out. Players can use the flagstick to measure if unsure whether or not a putt is “good.”

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Rule 11: Playing Rules

Summer rules of the USGA will be used in situations not covered here:

    1. Players can improve their lies by moving the ball no more than one club length, but may not move closer to the hole. Players cannot change the condition of the ball without penalty, ex: move the ball out of a bunker, out of the water, from behind a tree, from rough into the fairway, etc.
    2. If a ball is lost or hit out-of-bounds, find the nearest fairway edge perpendicular to where the ball was lost or went out-of-bounds, and no closer to the hole. Drop a new ball into the fairway, within two club lengths of the fairway edge, take a two-stroke penalty, and play the ball from that spot.

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Rule 12: Looking For a Ball

A player may search for a ball for three minutes before the ball is declared lost.

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Rule 13: Substitutions

Individual matches will not be made-up. Substitutes or blinds may be used. When using a blind, the blind score will always be a net 43. On any given night, a team can use two subs, but a team cannot use two blinds together on the same night. It is possible to use a sub and a blind. Subs can be any UI faculty/staff/student or public person. An individual person can sub for one team up to a maximum of three times.​ 

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Rule 14: Rainout/Lightning Policy

The Finkbine Staff will make the decision as to whether or not the league will be called-off. If more than half of the section does not complete their rounds, no scores will be counted and that entire week will be made up (if possible). If at least half of the groups in a section completes their rounds, those groups who have not finished will take the scores on the unfinished holes from their last completed league round. If there has not been a completed round for a golfer, he/she must make-up the uncompleted holes within 6 days, otherwise that week the team will be scored incomplete and finish in last place.

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Rule 15: Prizes

  • First place team in each section = $40 Finkbine gift certificate for each player.
  • Second place team in each section = $25 Finkbine gift certificate for each player.
  • Third place team in each section = $15 Finkbine gift certificate for each player.
  • Lowest ringer score (dream score) in each section = 2 sleeves of golf balls.
  • Any player that scores a gross eagle = 1 sleeve of balls/each gross eagle.
  • Weekly hole contest in each section = $5 Finkbine gift certificate.​

All winners will be announced on the league scoring webpage. Prizes can be picked up at the Finkbine Pro Shop.

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Rule 16: Forfeits

Two forfeits will drop a team from league play. If you cannot play on your scheduled night, please get a sub to replace you.

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