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2017 Climbing Competition Rules

Rule 1: Facility | Rule 2: Participant Eligibility | Rule 3: Equipment | Rule 4: Beginning a Climb | Rule 5: The Climbing Wall | Rule 6: Scoring |
Rule 7: Penalties | Rule 8: General Rules | Rule 9: Challenge by Choice

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Rule 1: Facility

  1. All climbs will take place at the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center Climbing Wall.

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Rule 2: Participant Eligibility

  1. Anyone with a University of Iowa Recreational Services Membership is eligible to participate in this event.
  2. All participants must check-in with the climbing wall staff using a University of Iowa or Government-Issued photo ID.
  3. All participants will be required to sign a waiver at the climbing wall before participating in this event.

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Rule 3: Equipment

  1. Equipment will be provided by Recreational Services; however personal equipment is permitted so long as it is approved by Climbing Wall staff prior to climbing.
  2. Participants may only be belayed by a Climbing Wall staff member. No exceptions.

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Rule 4: Beginning a Climb

  1. When participants arrive, they will be given a harness by a Climbing Wall staff member and directed how to properly secure it.
  2. Climbing Wall staff will tie in participants and check that they are safe to climb.
  3. Participants will proceed, one at a time on the route that they have chosen.
  4. Once a participant has selected a route, they will give their scorecard to the belayer and that staff member will make sure the participant is ready to climb. The belayer will keep track of the participant’s score.

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Rule 5: The Climbing Wall

  1. Routes will be rated based on difficulty with one being the easiest.
  2. Routes will be distinguished by the color of the holds and they will be labeled with the point values. Participants may use any holds that designate the route as well as any natural holds.

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Rule 6: Scoring

  1. There are vertical columns of 13 metal bolts that correspond to each rope at the climbing wall. Participants will earn points for every bolt that they pass on each route that they attempt. The participant has passed the bolt when both hands touch the wall above it. The point value will be the same as the number indicated on the route. (For example: Participant A climbs route 2. For each bolt that they pass on that route, they will receive 2 points.)
  2. If participants reach the top hold and display control of it, they will receive bonus points. The amount of bonus points will be 5x the number indicated on the route. (For example: Participant A climbs route 2 and reaches the top hold. They will receive 26 points for passing the 13 bolts and an extra 10 points for reaching the top hold.)
  3. Participants may attempt to climb as many routes as they wish. Participants may climb a route an unlimited number of times, whether they reach the top hold or not. Points will be received for all attempts on each route.
  4. All points that a participant receives will be added to their total. The participant with the highest total points in each division will be declared the winner.

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Rule 7: Penalties

  1. If a participant falls during a climb, they shall be lowered by the belayer and they will receive points based on how many bolts they successfully passed before their fall.
  2. A break that would require the climber to let go of the wall and the belayer to hold them suspended in the air will be considered a fall. The participant will be lowered and they will receive points based on how many bolts they previously passed successfully. Breaks are only allowed if the climber maintains control on the wall and does not require the assistance of the belayer to maintain their position. Examples include reaching a ledge that can be stood upon and/or leaning the body against the wall to free the hands without the feet falling off the foot holds.
  3. If a participant uses holds that are a different color than the one that designates the route they have selected, the belayer will inform them that they are now completing a rainbow route. The participant may continue to climb; however, once they have gone rainbow, they may only receive half the number of points for every bolt they pass. If a participant reaches the top hold on a rainbow route, they shall receive half the bonus points that they would have received if they had used only the designated holds for the route.

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Rule 8: General Rules

  1. Every climber must abide by the general rules of the Climbing Wall posted on the entrance column.
  2. Climbers may not use the metal bolts on the wall to assist them in any way.
  3. When a participant is finished climbing, they must turn in their scorecard to a Climbing Wall or Intramural Sports staff member.

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Rule 9: Challenge by Choice

  1. All participants are encouraged to climb to the best of their abilities and reach the highest point that they can. No climbing experience is necessary to participate in this event.
  2. Participants may come down at any point by asking the belayer to lower them.

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