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The University of Iowa

2018 Spikebuoy Participant Guide

Spikebuoy Rules
Make sure you know the rules for Spikebuoy. Each team will play two pool play matches, followed by a single elimination tournament. Matches will be self-officiated.

Sportsmanship is a priority of the Intramural Sports Program at The University of Iowa. More information on Sportsmanship, including the detailed ratings system, can be found in the Intramural Sports Rules and Regulations.

To participate in Intramural Spikebuoy, a UI Student, Faculty, Staff or Affiliate must purchase an Intramural Sports Semester Membership, an Intramural Sports Year-Long Membership (good through Spring 2019), or a One-Day Tournament Pass. More information on these can be found on our Intramural Sports Membership page. The $25 semester membership allows you to participate in any sport/event this semester, as many times as you'd like. The $45 year-long membership allows you to participate in any sport/event through Spring 2019, with the exception of the Intramural Golf Tournament. The $15 One-Day Tournament Pass will only allow you to play in the Spikebuoy tournament. There is no cost to register a team, but team members must purchase one of these memberships to join the team. Team captains must make sure that all members of their teams are eligible for participation according to the Intramural Sports Rules and Regulations eligibility requirements.

ID Policy
All participants must check-in with a University or government-issued photo ID in accordance with our ID policy.

Teams that do not show up for any scheduled game during the tournament will be charged a Forfeit Fine of $25.00. That fine will be charged to the U-Bill of the team captain. Learn more about our Forfeit Policy.

To avoid forfeits, teams may default. Learn more about our Default Policy.

Registration, schedules, and roster management all take place through IMLeagues.com. Check out our IMLeagues Registration Instructions for specific instructions on how to register your team, and make sure to pass it along to your teammates so they can join your team roster quickly and easily. Once registration is complete, the schedule will be posted on IMLeagues.com, as well as results as the tournament progresses.

Roster Management
Team rosters must have two players registered to complete registration. Players can be switched following registration, but teams must follow roster addition and removal policies in order to appropriately add or drop players from the team roster.

Free Agents
Want to play but don't have a team? You can join as a Free Agent on IMLeagues.com if you have paid the Intramural Sports Membership Fee, or you can join our Free Agent Group on Facebook to connect with other people looking for more players to form a team. Listing yourself as a Free Agent does not guarantee you will be on a team, although the Intramural Sports Office will help try to facilitate formation of a Free Agent team.

Tournament Location​
Games will be played at the Field House Pool.  Alcohol and tobacco are not permitted in the facility, or in the parking lot, nor should alcohol be consumed prior to participation in the event.

Intramural Sports Points Championship sponsored by Coach's Corner
Teams can compete in the year-long Intramural Sports Points Championship sponsored by Coach's Corner for a chance to win awesome prizes. 
Each competing organization is allowed only two entries to accumulate points in the Intramural Sports Points Championship sponsored by Coach's Corner, but there is no maximum on the amount of participants that can register for an organization. The top two finishers for each organization will be counted towards the point total. Individuals must designate their team affiliations before the event begins. In order to receive Co-Rec points for the Intramural Sports Points Championship sponsored by Coach's Corner, teams must have one male and one female signed-in and participating throughout the event.

Registration Requirements
To complete your registration, make sure you have the following done by the registration deadline:

  • Name your Team (Team Name Must be Appropriate)
  • Get the Required Minimum Number of Players on Your Roster
  • Confirm your spot in the tournament by moving your team from "Pre-Registration" to the "Tournament" between October 30 and November 6 at 11:59 PM

Friday Night Series
Spikebuoy is part of the Intramural Sports Friday Night Series, a series of fun events taking place throughout the year on Friday nights. You can participate in one or all and have a great Friday night with Intramural Sports!