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KanJam Rules

 Rule 1: Facility | Rule 2: Player Eligibility | Rule 3: Team Composition | Rule 4: Ground Rules | Rule 5: Game Time and Forfeits | Rainout Hotline Information 

Rule 1: Facility

  1. All matches will be played at Hubbard Park south of the Iowa Memorial Union. Alcohol and tobacco are not permitted at the park or in the parking lot.

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Rule 2: Player Eligibility

  1. All Intramural Sports eligibility rules apply. Please check the Intramural Sports Rules and Regulations carefully.
  2. All players must check-in with their University or valid government-issued IDs with the supervisor prior to the start of each game.

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Rule 3: Team Composition

  1. Any combination of two people can play together on a team. Two players must be present to start a game. Teams are restricted to a maximum of two players.
    • To receive Co-Rec points, teams must have one male and one female signed-in and participating in every game in which the team participates.
    • To receive points for Women’s or Men’s teams, the entire team must consist of females or males, respectively.

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Rule 4: Ground Rules

  1. Set-Up: The Kans will be set-up 35-feet apart from each other. Teammates will stand on opposite ends so that they are not standing next to each other at the same goal.  
  2. Format: Match format will be the best 2-out-of-3 sets. Each match shall be played to 21 points. Once a team scores 21, the team will the lower score will have one chance to reach 21 points and tie the game. If the losing team fails to do so, the other team will win. Teams do not need to land exactly on 21 points.
  3. First Throw: Similar to a coin flip, teams shall flip the disc to determine who shall throw first. 
  4. Self-Officiated: Matches will be self-officiated. All participants are expected to know the rules of the sport.
  5. Scoring: Teams can earn 1, 2, 3 or win instantly with each legal throw. The point criteria are as follows: 
    • One point if a player’s throw is deflected by his/her teammate and hits the Kan. 
    • Two points if the disc is thrown and hits the Kan without deflection.
    • Three points if a player’s throw is deflected by his/her teammate directly into the Kan.
    • A player instantly wins the game if he/she throws the disc into the slot of the Kan or if the disc sinks directly into the Kan. 
  6. Tie Breaker: If both teams reach 21 a tie-breaker game will be played to 11.
  7. Legal Throw: Each player must stand behind the Kan for a throw to be legal.
  8. Deflections: Deflections must be instantaneous and shall not involve grasping or palming of the disc.

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Rule 5: Game Time and Forfeits

  1. All matches will start at their designated times. There is a 10-minute grace period until forfeit is declared. Intramural Supervisors will declare a contest a forfeit and have the discretion to amend the 10-minute forfeit time rule in the event of unforeseen circumstances. 
  2. Each team will be assigned to a pool of three teams, and will play the other two teams in the pool. Following pool play, all teams will advance to a single elimination tournament bracket, which will be seeded based on pool play results.

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RainOut Line - (319) 333-7032 Ex.3

If there is inclement weather and outdoor sports are scheduled, call our RainOut Line for the most up-to-date information on the status of games.

You can download the RainOut Line app in the Apple App Store or Google Play. You can use this app to check the status of Intramural Sports contests right from your smartphone! Once you have downloaded the app, search "Recreational Services" and select "The University of Iowa Recreational Services." It's that easy!