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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Intramural Sports?     

Intramural Sports are activities programmed by Recreational Services to provide recreational opportunities in a fun, yet somewhat-competitive atmosphere, for The University of Iowa Community. Current students (enrolled in classes for the current semester), faculty, staff  and affiliates of The University of Iowa that have paid the Intramural Sports Participation Fee for that semester are eligible for participation in the Intramural Sports Program. The Intramural Sports Participation fee can be paid at any time. We offer leagues and events for the athlete who wants some competition and also leagues and events for those who just want to play for fun and a good workout. Whether you have played sports all your life, or have never played any sport at all, we have something for you to enjoy.

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How do I form a team and how do teams register?

If you’re used to playing traditional team sports, or want to give one a try, register a team for an Intramural Sports league. We set up leagues for Men’s, Women’s and Co-Rec (males and females) teams of all different skill levels in a number of different sports.

Forming a Team
The easiest, and most common, way to get involved in team sports is to form a team of your own. It could be you and some friends, maybe the people of your residence hall or the neighbors in your apartment complex, as long as they are all students, faculty and/or staff of The University of Iowa and have paid the Intramural Sports Participation Fee. Student organizations such as fraternities and sororities, as well as other campus groups, often put together teams. Ask your organization at its next group meeting. To find out how many players you will need for a complete team, check out each sport’s rules prior to registration.

Registering a Team
Almost all of our registration is done using the website Information on how to create a team using can be found by checking out each sport’s information page here. Registration is quick and easy. The key is to know registration time-frames, and get your teams put together and ready-to-go before the deadlines. Then when all your teammates have been added to the team roster, you can simply select a spot in the league or division, and you will be ready to go.

For bigger team sports, Flag Football, Volleyball, Softball, Soccer, and Basketball, teams will be scheduled to play once a week during the regular season. During registration, teams will select what day, and sometimes the time, they would like to play based on the available options. Having your team prepared and registering right away when registration opens will allow a better chance at getting the division you would like, as registration occurs on a first-come, first-served basis.

Team Captain Requirements
Prior to registering a team, the team captain will need to pass that sport’s captain’s quiz on for the sports of Flag Football, Volleyball, Dodgeball, Soccer, Basketball and Softball. We produce captain’s guides that you can use and we post rules you can read to assist you in passing each sport’s captain’s quiz. As a team captain, you are in charge of making sure all participants on your team are eligible according to eligibility requirements stated in the Intramural Sports Rules and Regulations. You are also responsible for the sportsmanlike behavior of your teammates and fans. Finally, as team captain, you will serve as your team’s main contact for any instances in which the Intramural Sports Staff needs to contact your team.

Regular Season Schedules and Team Rosters
All schedules will be available on, unless otherwise noted. Additions to team rosters can also be completed on If you wish to remove a player from your team, you must complete a Player Drop Request Form. For a roster addition/removal to be effective for the team’s next scheduled game, the proper add and/or drop process must be completed by the roster addition/drop deadline, which can be found in the Intramural Sports Rules and Regulations.

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What if I do not have a team on which to play?

If you do not have enough people to form your own team, you are considered a "Free Agent" for that sport. To try and get connected with other participants looking to form a team, you can join our Iowa Intramural Sports Free Agent group on Facebook by clicking here. Join this group, and you can connect with other people looking for teammates, or captains looking for players to add to their teams!

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Do I have to pay a fee for every sport/event I wish to play?

No! With a few limited exceptions, paying that semester's Intramural Sports Participation Fee makes you eligible for all sports/events that semester. So, in the Fall if you want to play Flag Football, Volleyball, 3-on-3 Basketball and more, you can, all for the $20.00 Intramural Sports Participation Fee.

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Do teams have practices?

Intramural teams are free to practice as much or as little as they want. The Intramural Sports program DOES NOT schedule practice times for intramural teams. You are free to use our facilities to practice, but teams must follow the rules and restrictions of our recreation facilities.

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Can I work for Intramural Sports?

Intramural Sports hires University of Iowa students to work as officials throughout the year, and as scorekeepers for basketball. You can work as many, or as few, sports as you would like. We schedule you around your personal schedule, so there is plenty of flexibility. Check out the Becoming an Official page for more information on how to become an Intramural Sports Official or Scorekeeper.

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How do individual and dual sports work?

The University of Iowa Intramural Sports Program offers a variety of events for individuals or two-person teams. Singles and doubles tournaments are available in a variety of sports and the list can be found by viewing the Intramural Sports Schedule.

How to Register and Getting Your Schedule
Just like registering for a team sport, registration for individual/dual sports will take place online at Once the registration deadline has passed, participants can find their schedules on, once it has been posted by the Intramural Sports staff. The Intramural Sports staff will communicate with you when to look for schedules online, and to provide some reminders about competition in the particular event.

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What are the Intramural special events and meets?

Throughout the year, The University of Iowa Intramural Sports Program holds several meets or special events. A couple examples include the Steve Goff 5K Run/Walk and Golf Tournament. Information on all events can be found on the Intramural Sports Schedule.

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What if I want to know more?

If you still have questions, or just want to know more about our program, feel free to contact us. We can be found in E216 Field House, or can be contacted via email or telephone. You can find contact information for the Intramural Sports Administrative Staff by clicking here.

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