Co-Rec Softball IMLeagues Registration Instructions | Recreational Services
The University of Iowa

Co-Rec Softball IMLeagues Registration Instructions offers a live support link in the bottom right corner of all pages. Please use this link if you encounter any difficulties. If you continue to have difficulties, please contact the Intramural Sports office.

To Login to

  1. Visit the login page and sign in using your Hawk ID (User Name) and Password. You must have purchased an Intramural Sports Membership to sign in to

There are 4 Ways to Create/Join a Co-Rec Softball Team:

  1. Creating a Team (For Team Captains)
    • Log in to your account by clicking here.
    • Click on the “University of Iowa” link at the top to go to our school’s homepage on IMLeagues.
    • The current sports will be displayed, click on the sport you wish to join (Softball).
    • Select the league you wish to join (Co-Rec is the only option for this sport).
    • Click “Create Team” at the top of the page. If you click “Create Team” under one of the division headings (ex. A: Thursday 6:00) your team will not automatically be in that division. You must move your team to a division after you have met the minimum player requirement.
    • Successfully complete the Captain’s Quiz.
    • Upon clicking the “Create Team” link, all captains will be prompted to take, and successfully complete, the online Captain’s Quiz. This quiz will test your knowledge of our Intramural Sports Rules and Regulations, as well as sport specific rules knowledge. 
      • The quiz will be 25 multiple choice questions. You must get 100% to successfully complete the quiz.
      • A link to the Participant Guide will appear on the “Pre-Quiz” page. It will also be available via the Recreational Services Intramural Sports website. It is encouraged to use this resource while taking the quiz.
      • Captains may take the quiz as many times as is necessary to receive a passing score; however, at no point during the quiz can a captain go back to change a submitted answer—make sure all answers are reviewed carefully before they are submitted.
      • Upon successful completion of the quiz, captains will be directed to the team registration page.
    • Accept the waiver, enter your team name, and your phone number.  You also have the option to designate your team as “Looking for Free Agents” and whether or not to “Auto Accept Members.” If you select “Yes” to Auto Accept Members, anyone that requests to join your team, whether you know them or not, will be added to your team roster. Click “Create Team”
    • Captains can invite members to their teams by hovering over the “Captain” drop down menu at the top of the page and clicking the “Invite Members” link.  Any invited member must accept the invitation to be joined to your team.
      • If they have already logged in to IMLeagues: search for their names, and invite them.
      • If they have not yet logged in to IMLeagues: enter their university-issued email addresses.
    • Once your team has met the minimum player requirement, you must move your team to the division in which you would like to play (ex. A: Thursday 6:00).
    • All teams must have completed the Captain’s Quiz, met the minimum player requirements, and selected a division by the registration deadline in order to be included in Co-Rec Softball.
  2. ​Request to Join a Team
    • ​​​Log in to your account by clicking here.
    • Near the top of the page, click “Search for Anything” and search for the name of the team you wish to join.
    • Find the team you wish to join, and click “Join Team.”
    • Click “Accept” to agree to the online liability waiver.
    • This will send a request to the team captain, who must approve you as a team member before you will be considered a part of that team. Make sure you confirm with the captain that he/she checks and approves this request promptly, as you will not be added to the roster until it has been approved.
  3. ​Accept an Invitation to Join a Team
    • If the captain has invited you to join his/her team, click on the link in the email from
    • Click “Accept” to agree to the online liability waiver.
  4. Join as a Free Agent
    • You can list yourself as a Free Agent in as many divisions within a league as you want on
    • After clicking the desired sport you would like to play (Softball), click the league in which you would like to play. Then click “Free Agents” at the top and follow the directions.
    • In addition, join our Intramural Sports Free Agents group on Facebook to connect with other Free Agents looking for a team. To do so, click here and join the group.
    • NOTE: Joining as a Free Agent on, or joining the Iowa Intramural Sports Free Agent Group on Facebook, does not guarantee you a spot on a team roster.