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Billiards Participant Guide

Billiards Sport Rules
Make sure you know the rules for Intramural Billiards. Also be sure to check out the Important Information page for important sport information.

Sportsmanship is a priority of the Intramural Sports Program at The University of Iowa. More information on Sportsmanship, including the detailed ratings system, can be found in the Intramural Sports Rules and Regulations.

Only University of Iowa students, faculty, staff and affiliates that have purchased an Intramural Sports membership may participate in Intramural Billiards. Doubles team captains must make sure that all members of their teams are eligible for participation according to the Intramural Sports Rules and Regulations eligibility requirements.

Individuals/Teams that forfeit a match will be charged a Forfeit Fine of $25.00. That fine will be charged to the U-Bill of the team captain. Learn more about our Forfeit policy.

To avoid forfeits, individuals/teams may default. Learn more about our Default policy.
Registration, schedules, and roster management all take place through Check out our IMLeagues Registration Instructions for specific instructions on how to register your team, and doubles team captains, make sure to pass it along to your teammate so they can join your team roster quickly and easily. Once registration is complete, brackets will be posted on the site as well as deadlines for completing matches each round.

Roster Management
Participants must follow roster addition and removal policies in order to appropriately add or drop players from the team roster.

Match Location​
Matches will be played at Black's Gold Grill at Petersen Hall.

Friday Night Series
Intramural Sports hosts a Friday Night Series of events throughout the year. You can participate in one or all and have a great Friday night with Intramural Sports!

Intramural Sports Points Championship sponsored by Coach's Corner
Each year, Intramural Sports crowns Points Champions in Men’s, Women’s, Fraternity, Sorority, and Co-Rec divisions as part of the Intramural Sports Points Championship sponsored by Coach's Corner. To take part, all you have to do to is play multiple Intramural Sports, and keep the same team name throughout all sports!

Registration Requirements
To complete your registration, make sure you have the following done by the registration deadline:

  • Name your Team (Team Name Must be Appropriate). If you are competing for Intramural Sports Points Championship points, use your team/organization points name as your team name (singles and doubles).
  • Get the Required Minimum Number of Players on Your Roster (Doubles Only)