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2018 6-on-6 Co-Rec Sand Volleyball Rules

Rule 1: Facility | Rule 2: Player Eligibility | Rule 3: Team Composition | Rule 4: Ground Rules | Rule 5: Game Time and Forfeits | Rainout Line Information

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Rule 1: Facility

  1. All games will be played at the Hawkeye Recreation Fields Sand Volleyball courts. Alcohol and tobacco are not permitted inside the complex or in the parking lot.

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Rule 2: Player Eligibility

  1. All Intramural Sports eligibility rules apply. Please check the Intramural Sports Rules and Regulations carefully.
  2. All players must check-in with their University or valid government-issued photo IDs with the supervisor prior to participating.

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Rule 3: Team Composition

  1. Four players must be present to start a match. Players may be inserted into the lineup upon arrival after they have checked-in with the supervisor.
    • Player combinations allowed are:
      • 6 players: 3 men and 3 women
      • 5 players: 3 men and 2 women or 3 women and 2 men
      • 4 players: 2 men and 2 women
      • *In all cases, there can never be a difference greater than one between the number of males and females per team on the court at one time.
  2. No more than two players on a team may be a member or coach of a volleyball club that plays competitively, or a former member of an intercollegiate volleyball team. A list of current volleyball club members will be available at the Recreational Services office (E216 FH).

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Rule 4: Ground Rules

  1. Matches will be self-officiated. All participants are expected to know the rules of the sport.
  2. The winning team of a pre-match volley will serve first in the first set and choose its playing side. At the conclusion of the first set, the teams will switch playing sides and the team which did not serve first in set one will serve first in set two.
  3. Sets one and two shall be played to 25 points, rally scoring, with a cap at 30 points. Set three shall be played to 15 points, with a cap at 20. Sets must be won by two points, unless the set reaches its cap (Example: a team could win by the score of 30-29). Match format will be best 2-out-of-3 sets. Before the beginning of the third set, the teams will volley for the choice of team service and initial playing area. If a match enters a third set the teams will trade playing sides after one team scores eight points. The serving will continue by the player who served prior to the change.
  4. The Serve: The server shall stand with both feet behind the rear boundary line. There are no restrictions as to how the ball may be served except that it must be clearly hit, not thrown or pushed. Side out is declared when a served ball hits the net and does not pass over. A ball that contacts the net and continues over constitutes a LEGAL serve.
  5. Any player may contact the ball with any body part, above or below the waist. 
  6. A ball touching any part of the boundary line is in.
  7. It is permissible to run out-of-bounds to play a ball.
  8. Players are not permitted to scoop, hold, or throw the ball. The ball must not visibly come to rest on the player’s hands, fingers, or any other part of the body.
  9. A player shall not make successive contacts of the ball unless he/she has blocked a spike at the net. One person may play the ball twice during a volley but not twice in succession.
  10. A ball, other than a serve, may be recovered from the net provided the player avoids contact with the net and does not catch or hold the ball.
  11. Contact of the ball during blocking action does not count as one of the three team hits.
  12. There are no gender restrictions for multiple contacts of the ball.
  13. The ball must always be returned over the net by the third contact, unless a block is the initial contact in which case the ball must be returned by the fourth contact.
    • Blocking: A successful block is accomplished when either the ball rebounds off the hands of the blocker and directly back into the opponent’s court, or deflects off the hands in such a way that the blocker’s team may play the ball. An attempt to block does not constitute a block unless the ball is contacted during an attempt. The team which has attempted a block shall have the right to three more contacts with the ball in order to return it to the opponent’s side. When the ball, after having touched the top of the net and the opponent’s block, returns to the attacker’s side, the team then has the right of three more contacts in order to return the ball to the opponent’s side.
  14. Net Play: A player may reach under the net as long as he/she does not interfere with an opponent’s attempt to play the ball. A player may reach over the net to complete a spike which was begun on the player’s own side of the net. A player may never touch the net. A player may reach over the net to block, but not to interfere with the opposing team’s play.
  15. Substitution: All substitutes will be made in the center back position. All substitutes must make one complete rotation. A player arriving late for a team of less than six can only rotate in when his/her team has the serve.
  16. Spikes by both men and women are legal.
  17. Blocking and spiking the ball on the serve is illegal.

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Rule 5: Game Time and Forfeits

  1. All matches will start at their designated times. There is a 10-minute grace period until a forfeit is declared. Intramural Supervisors will declare a contest a forfeit and have the discretion to amend the 10-minute forfeit time rule in the event of unforeseen circumstances. 

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Rain Line - (319) 333-7032 Ex. 3

If there is inclement weather and outdoor sports are scheduled, call our Rain Line for the most up-to-date information on the status of games.

You can download the RainOut Line app in the Apple App Store or Google Play. You can use this app to check the status of Intramural Sports contests right from your smartphone! Once you have downloaded the app, search "Recreational Services" and select "The University of Iowa Recreational Services." It's that easy!

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