2018-2019 Intramural Sports Program Changes | Recreational Services
The University of Iowa

New Sports for 2018-2019!
We have added Unified Volleyball, Spikebuoy, a Pre-Season Flag Football Tournament, a Pre-Season Basketball Tournament, a Co-Rec Softball Weekend Tournament, and more Volleyball as a part of the Intramural Sports lineup! Spikebuoy will be a part of our Friday Night Series and will take place in November. Our Pre-Season Flag Football Tournament will take place preceding our Flag Football season in the Fall semester, while the same holds true for the Pre-Season Basketball Tournament in the Spring semester. Unified Volleyball, which pairs traditional participants with Special Olympics athletes to form teams, will take place beginning in late October. If you are interested in being on a Unified Volleyball team, please email us at intramural-sports@uiowa.edu! The brand new Co-Rec Softball Weekend Tournament will take place in April. Finally, we will have a second full Indoor Volleyball season in the Spring semester, in addition to the full season in the fall.

All Registrations Each Semester Open the Same Day!
Now if you see something you want to play, you don't have to wait for registration to open. All registrations for the fall semester will open on Monday, August 13. All registrations for the Spring semester will open on Monday, January 7. You can get your teams started as soon as you want after those dates. As registration deadlines approach, teams will be able to move into divisions beginning one-week prior to the registration deadline. But don't worry, we'll send you a reminder message if you have already started a team that you need to complete the last step of registration. Get those teams started as soon as possible, then get a reminder from us when deadlines are approaching!

One-Day Tournament Pass
New this year, if you only want to play one sport that is a one-day tournament, rather than paying for the full membership to just play in a one-day tournament, you can purchase this pass to allow you to play in the tournament that you wish. If you purchase the One-Day Tournament Pass and decide you love Intramural Sports so much that you want to upgrade, you can! And, it will only cost you the difference between the One-Day Tournament Pass and the Intramural Sports Membership you would like to purchase.

Each One-Day Tournament Pass can only be used for one single day tournament. Should you want to participate in another one-day tournament, you will need to upgrade to an Intramural Sports Semester or Year-Long Membership. Sports in which a One-Day Tournament Pass can be used are:

Fall 2018
Kickball - Friday Night Series
Mini-Golf - Friday Night Series
Bowling - Friday Night Series
Table Tennis
Spikebuoy - Friday Night Series
Canoe Battleship - Friday Night Series

Spring 2019
Dodgeball - Friday Night Series
Darts Singles
Darts Doubles
Billiards Singles
Billiards Doubles
Inner Tube Water Polo - Friday Night Series
Wiffleball - Friday Night Series
4-on-4 Sand Volleyball
Disc Golf

Memberships Now Purchased on IMLeagues!
Speaking of memberships, all memberships will now be purchased directly on IMLeagues. No more clicking to accept an invitation from a teammate, only to have to go somewhere else to purchase a membership, then log out of IMLeagues, then log back in. Once you log in to IMLeagues and attempt to join a team, you will be prompted to purchase a membership right then and there!

Drop Players Yourself on IMLeagues!
Previously, to drop a player from your roster, you had to submit an online Player Drop Request Form, and wait for the Intramural Sports staff to process the drop. Now, you can do it yourself! As long as the player has not checked-in to participate in a contest, or as long as dropping the player does not bring the number of players on your roster under the minimum allowed, you can drop that player yourself! 

B-League Champion T-shirts
In 2018-2019, B-League Champions will receive championship T-shirts. They will not be the same as the A-League championship T-shirts, but they will be unique for the B-League champions, and they won't go home empty-handed!