2017-2018 Intramural Sports Program Changes | Recreational Services

Intramural Sports Single Play Pass
Beginning in the Fall 2017 semester, UI students, faculty, staff or affiliates that want to substitute on a team for just one game/matach can purchase an Intramural Sports Single Play Pass. This pass, costing $8, will allow you to fill-in on a team for a night without having to purchase an Intramural Sports Membership. If you plan to play more than once, you will need to purchase an Intramural Sports Membership.

New Sports for 2017-2018!
We have added Climbing, Unified Flag Football and BASEketball as a part of the Intramural Sports lineup! Climbing will be a part of our Friday Night Series and will take place in September, while BASEketball will take place in the spring semester. Unified Flag Football, which pairs traditional participants with Special Olympics athletes to form teams, will take place beginning in September. If you are interested in being on a Unified Flag Football team, please email us at intramural-sports@uiowa.edu!

Submit Defaults Online!
In order to avoid a forfeit, if you know your team cannot make a scheduled game/match, you can default that game/match. Last year, we introduced the Intramural Sports Default Form. This quick and easy form is now the required method for submitting a default. For more information about our Forfeit and Default policies, click here.

No More Roster Locks
Previously, rosters would lock at the quarterfinal round of a playoff tournament, meaning you could not add any more players after that point. Now, you can continue to add players throughout the playoffs, up until the scheduled start time of the championship game! If you need some subs, just get them added to the roster in time and you are set. Just keep in mind there are limits to the number of T-shirts your team will receive should you win the championship!

Reschedule Fee
The Intramural Sports staff is willing to work with teams to reschedule games, should we have the staffing and the facility space to accommodate the request (and the other team agrees). If your team requests a reschedule, your team must agree to pay a $25.00 Reschedule Fee, should the request result in the game actually being rescheduled. When games are rescheduled, our program incurs additional staffing costs that were not planned in our annual budget. Charging a Reschedule Fee allows us to cover most of this cost. To request a reschedule, you just need to complete the Reschedule Request Form and an Intramural Sports staff member will reach out to you.

RainOut Line
We have a new RainOut Line for the Intramural Sports program with an awesome app to go with it! If there is inclement weather and outdoor sports are scheduled, call our RainOut Line for the most up-to-date information on the status of games. The number is (319) 333-7032 Ex. 3. You can download the RainOut Line app in the Apple App Store or Google Play. You can use this app to check the status of Intramural Sports contests right from your smartphone! Once you have downloaded the app, search "Recreational Services" and select "The University of Iowa Recreational Services." It's that easy!

Concussion Protocol
In the interest of participant safety, if our supervisor staff notices any Intramural Sports participant demonstrating the signs or symptoms of a concussion, that participant will be removed from participating on-site, and will be suspended from further Intramural Sports participation. The participant can become eligible again by submitting a Return to Play notice to the Intramural Sports Administrative Staff in E216 Field House. More on the Intramural Sports Concussion Protocol can be found here.

Free Agent Teams
In 2017-2018, the Intramural Sports staff will help facilitate the formation of Free Agents teams for sports in which there is enough interest. If you want to play a team sport but don't have a team, join our Free Agents page on Facebook, and tell us what sport(s) you want to play. Our staff will use that group to help facilitate formation of teams so everyone can jump in and take part in their desired sports.