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2016-2017 Intramural Sports Program Changes

Intramural Sports Memberships
Beginning in the 2016-2017 school year, to be eligible to participate in Intramural Sports, a current UI Student, Faculty, Staff or Affiliate must purchase an Intramural Sports Membership. Memberships cost $20 per semester, and allow members to play almost any sport, or participate in almost any event, that takes place that semester. No more burdening the team captain with a hefty registration fee at the beginning of the season. Rather, play almost whatever you want per semester for only $20. For more information on how to purchase a membership, check out our How to Purchase a Membership page.

Intramural Sports Registration Calendar
It is now easier than ever to follow along with Intramural Sports registration start dates and deadlines! Intramural Sports now has a registration calendar, populated with all of our registration start and end dates. And, you can click on an event to sync this calendar with your own personal calendar so you never miss a sport's registration. Click here to view the calendar, and be sure to sync it to your phone and/or personal calendar to never miss a deadline again!

New Sports for 2016-2017!
We have added Wheelchair Basketball and KanJam as a part of the Intramural Sports lineup! Wheelchair Basketball will be a part of our Friday Night Series and will take place in early October. KanJam will take place on a Saturday afternoon in April at Hubbard Park on campus.

Sportsmanship Ratings
To continue to make sportsmanship ratings as objective as possible, we added some text to what constitutes a "4" sportsmanship rating. Teams that go above and beyond to exhibit good sportsmanship towards officials and opponents will receive a "4" sportsmanship rating. The entire Sportsmanship policy can be found here.

Forfeit/Default Fines
With no registration fees for entering teams, our program still has to do the best we can to prevent forfeits. Forfeits are an inconvenience and a waste of time for opposing teams and the Intramural Sports staff. Because of this, there are Forfeit Fines. The amount of these fines used to be half the team registration fee, or $20.00, whichever was more. With the change to the Intramural Memberships, we have increased the Forfeit Fines to $25.00 for individual and doubles sports/events, and $50.00 for any team sport (three or more team members). These are higher than in the past in hopes of deterring teams/individuals from forfeiting.

To avoid a forfeit, teams may default. The first default is free. The second time a team/individual defaults, there will be a Default Fine equal to 50% of that sport's Forfeit Fine. A third default by a team/individual will result in a Default Fine equal to 75% of that sport's Forfeit Fine. Finally, if a team/individual defaults a fourth time, it will result in a Default Fine of 100% of that sports Forfeit Fine.

Complete information on our Forfeit/Default policy can be found here.

Submit Defaults Online!
In order to avoid a forfeit, if you know your team cannot make a scheduled game/match, you can default that game/match. In the past, this required a call or email to the Intramural Sports staff. While you can still default by calling or emailing our office, you can now also submit a default by completing a Default Form on our website. This makes it quick and easy to submit your default. For more information about our Forfeit and Default policies, click here.

Officials Feedback Form
The Intramural Sports Program is receptive to feedback we can use, positive or negative, to improve all aspects of the program, including our officials. If you have professional, constructive, comments regarding the officials that worked your game/match, you can now share them with us by completing the Officials Feedback Form.

Spouse Eligibility
Previously, spouses have been eligible to participate in Intramural Sports on the same team(s) as their spouse that is a student, faculty, staff or affiliate. With the transition to Intramural Memberships, spouses are no longer eligible for participation in the Intramural Sports Program.

Intramural Champion T-shirt Maximum
There is a new policy this year regarding how many Intramural Champion T-shirts a team can receive upon winning a championship. The maximum number of shirts a team can receive is 1.5 times the number of players permitted on the field/court at one time for that sport. For example, Men's and Women's Flag Football allows seven players on the field at one time. 7 x 1.5 = 10.5, round up, and the maximum for that sport is 11. The full Intramural Champion T-shirt maximum policy can be found here.

Captain's Quizzes
In 2016-2017, a Captain's Quiz will be required for 4-on-4 Flag Football in addition to the sports that already required Captain's Quizzes, including Flag Football, Indoor Soccer, Volleyball, Softball, Dodgeball and Basketball.

If you have any questions about these changes, or anything regarding Intramural Sports, please do not hesitate to email us at or call us at (319) 335-9292!

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