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University of Iowa

Fall League Final Results

PDF iconFall League Final Results.pdf

Week 2 (Make-Up) Results

PDF iconWeek 2 (Make-Up) Results.pdf
PDF iconWeek 2 (Make-Up) Team Standings.pdf
PDF iconWeek 2 (Make-Up) Ringer Scores.pdf

Week 6 Results

PDF iconWeek 6 Results
PDF iconWeek 6 Team Standings
PDF iconWeek 6 Ringer Scores

Week 5 Results
Matches canceled.

Week 4 Results

PDF iconWeek 4 Results.pdf
PDF iconWeek 4 Team Standings.pdf
PDF iconWeek 4 Ringer Scores.pdf

Week 3 Results

Matches postponed to 10/10.

Week 2 Results

Matches postponed to 10/3.

Week 1 Results

PDF iconWeek 1 Results.pdf
PDF iconWeek 1 Team Standings.pdf
PDF iconWeek 1 Ringer Scores.pdf