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The University of Iowa

Private Swim Lessons

Private lessons offer one-on-one instruction Semi-Private lessons offer instruction from 1 instructor to 2 participants. All private swim lessons instructions must be taught through Recreational Services. No outside lessons allowed.


Private lessons are $30.00 for a 30 minute session and Semi-Privates for 2 participants at $25 each for a total of $50.00 for a 30 minute session. These lessons are given during normal lap swim hours.

Registering for a Private Lesson

Interested participants must fill out a Private Lesson Request Form. Lessons are scheduled based on instructor and participant availability as well as pool scheduling. The first lesson is 45 minutes long in order for the instructor to evaluate the participant at the start of the lesson, with each subsequent lesson lasting 30 minutes. Once your form is submitted, you should be contacted by a Swim Lesson Coordinator via email or phone within 5 business days.


Private lessons are currently suspended through at least August 7, 2020. Please visit our COVID-19 Announcements page for more information.


A refund will be given if a cancellation is made within 24 hours for both the patron and instructor. If 24 hours’ notice is not given and the instructor was present but the patron was not, the instructor is paid for the lesson and they are required to document that the patron did not show and that lesson is lost. If the instructor does not show but the patron does, the patron is given an extra lesson at no cost.