Perpetual Membership - Online Request | Recreational Services
University of Iowa

A Perpetual Membership requires $25 setup fee that will be charged to your U-Bill.
The setup fee covers you for the first month of your membership. Example: Join on January 5. $25 payment will show up on February U-Bill statement.

Also, please allow 48 business hours for your building access to be activated. 

Initial each of the statements below stating that you understand and agree to the following conditions:
I (we) understand that my (our) membership card must be shown each time I wish to access Recreational Services’ facilities; I (we) understand that unauthorized use of my (our) membership may result in the revocation of my privileges. As a Recreational Services’ member, I (we) accept responsibility for my (our) actions and acknowledge that behavior conflicting with department policies may result in the loss of my (our) membership privileges and/or disciplinary actions. I (we) have read and understand the membership code of conduct.
I authorize the University of Iowa to deduct from my monthly paycheck 1/12th of the amount certified as the designated annual membership rate, and where applicable, the monthly locker rental fee. Each month’s membership deduction is for the prior month’s service.
I understand that, in addition, there is a one time Perpetual Membership setup fee of $25. And where applicable, there is a one time Perpetual Locker setup fee of $10. These fees must be paid at time of enrollment.
I understand that by electing payroll deduction, I am agreeing to a minimum six payroll deduction contract and should I wish to cancel my membership and/or locker rental prior to six deductions, I will continue to be charged until six deductions are reached.
I understand that in order to terminate my participation in the Perpetual Membership program, or if my University compensation changes or stops for any reason (leave of absence, termination, etc.) I must complete the Payroll Membership Cancellation form and submit it to Recreational Services Membership Services in person, via mail, fax, online, or email. Cancellations will not be accepted by phone.
I understand that should I miss a deduction for any reason, I am responsible for the payment due. Missed deductions could result in cancellation of membership and if applicable, the locker rental.
I understand that refunds/credits will not be issued for previous deductions. Memberships and/or Locker cancellations for employees in the Perpetual Membership or Perpetual Locker become effective no earlier than the last day of the month in which the cancellation notice is received. The final deduction will occur on the next monthly paycheck after the requested date of cancellation.
I authorize Recreational Servicers to charge my U-Bill account $25.00 for the setup fee.