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Men's and Women's Softball Rec*It Registration Instructions

To Login to Rec*It:

  1. Download Rec*It from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. In order to log in to Rec*It, you must have logged in to at least once to set-up your profile.
  3. To login to, go to and sign in using your Hawk ID (User Name) and Password. You must have purchased an Intramural Sports Membership to sign in to You can purchase an Intramural Sports Membership here.
  4. Once your account has been set-up, open the Rec*It app on your phone.
  5. Select “Login with IMLeagues”
  6. Search “Iowa” and select “University of Iowa,” then enter your email address and tap “Continue”
  7. Select “Send Magic Link” on the next screen to send a login link to your email address.
  8. Open your Mail app on your phone to retrieve the “Magic Link” and select “Sign in to Rec*It”
  9. This should log you in to Rec*It. You should only have to follow this process the first time you log in, or if you log out.

How to Register for Softball:

Online Captain's Quiz

  • Upon choosing to create a team, all captains will be prompted to take, and successfully complete, the online Captain’s Quiz. This quiz will test your knowledge of our Intramural Sports Rules and Regulations, as well as sport specific rules knowledge.
    • The quiz will be 20 multiple choice questions. You must get 100% to successfully complete the quiz.
    • A Captain’s Guide is available via the Recreational Services Intramural Sports website. It is encouraged to use this resource while taking the quiz.
    • Captains may take the quiz as many times as is necessary to receive a passing score; however, at no point during the quiz can a captain go back to change a submitted answer—make sure all answers are reviewed carefully before they are submitted.
    • Upon successful completion of the quiz, captains will be directed to the team registration page.

There are Two Ways to Create/Join a Softball Team Using Rec*It:

  1. Creating a Team (For Team Captains)
    • Log in to your Rec*It account (See top of page for log in instructions).
    • Click on the Schedule icon at the bottom of the page, and select “Check Out What’s on Campus”.
    • Click the + icon in the top right corner of the page and select “Create A Team”
    • Select the sport you wish to join (Softball).
    • Select the league you wish to join (Women's, Men's A or Men's B)
    • Successfully complete the Captain’s Quiz.
      • Accept the waiver, enter your team name, and your phone number. You also have the option to designate your team as “Looking for Free Agents” and whether or not to “Auto Accept Members.” If you select turn on Auto Accept Members, anyone that requests to join your team, whether you know them or not, will be added to your team roster. Select “Create Team”
    • Captains can invite members to their teams by selecting the “Invite Players to Team” button on the next page. Any invited member must accept the invitation to be joined to your team.
      • If they have already logged in to IMLeagues: search for their names, and invite them.
      • If they have not yet logged in to IMLeagues: enter their university-issued email addresses.
    • Once your team has met the minimum player requirement, you must move your team to the division in which you would like to play (ex. A: Thursday 6:00).
    • All teams must have completed the Captain’s Quiz, met the minimum player requirements, and selected a division by the registration deadline in order to be included in Softball.
  2. Accept an Invitation to Join a Team
    • Log in to your Rec*It account (See beginning of this document for log in instructions)
    • Click on your profile in the bottom right corner.
    • If the captain has invited you to join his/her team, you will have a notification on your profile page.
    • Click “Accept”.
    • Agree to the online release form and select “Join Team”.

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