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The University of Iowa

As a student of the University, we would love for you to join us and participate in our programs and services! 

Student Membership Rates

Category Month Daily Summer 2021
UI Student - Enrolled n/a N/A at this time Included in tuition and fees
UI Student - Not Enrolled / Student - No Fee / 2+2 Student $34 N/A at this time $75
UI Student Spouse/Domestic Partner $34 N/A at this time $75
UI Dependent (Ages: 4-18) $11 N/A at this time $25
UI Dependent (Ages: 0-3) Free N/A at this time


  • UI Student – Enrolled: Any current UI Student who is paying mandatory student fees.
  • UI Student – No Fee: A current UI Student who is enrolled in classes but not assessed a mandatory recreation fee. 
  • UI Student – Not Enrolled: This reduced membership is available for ONE session (Fall, Spring, or Summer) for anyone who meets any one of the following criteria: A) a student who has been admitted to the University of Iowa ONE session prior to their enrollment, B) a student who is taking a session off during their enrollment at the University of Iowa, C) a student who has just graduated from the University of Iowa.
  • 2 + 2 Student: Any student who is enrolled in the first two years of the 2+2 program.
  • Student Spouse/Domestic Partner: A UI Student or 2+2 Student can sponsor their Spouse/Domestic Partner. The student must be a current Recreation Member in order to sponsor a Student Spouse/Domestic Partner. Spouses and Domestic Partners will be required to show proof of one of the following:
    • Piece(s) of official mail with each person’s name and address (examples include but not limited to postmarked mail, company/hospital bill, bank statement, property tax, renter's agreement, etc.)
    • Marriage Certificate or Affidavit of Domestic Partnership.
    • Photo ID showing the same address.
  • Student Sponsored Dependent (ages 4-18)*: A UI Student or 2+2 Student can sponsor all dependents for which they are legal guardians. The fee listed is the fee per dependent. The student must be a current Recreation Member in order to sponsor a Student Dependent. 

Each time an individual wishes to purchase a sponsored membership BOTH the sponsor and the person being sponsored need to be present at sign-up, and show proof of one of the required forms of documentation listed above. This includes any renewals.


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The Intramural Membership Fee is not included in the student recreation fee. Check out the Intramural Sports page for more information about the membership.

Summer Memberships

Students not enrolled in Summer classes will need to purchase a membership at the start of the summer or they will not have access to our facilities. 

Students who will need to purchase a summer membership include UI Student - Not Enrolled and UI Student - No Fee.


Still have additional questions? Send us an email at and we would be happy to help answer them!