As of July 1, 2017 the following Membership policies will go into effect:

  • We will no longer offer Family Memberships but members can still sponsor one Spouse/Domestic Partner and as many dependents for which they are legal guardians. 
  • The daily walk-in fee will be $10 for adults and $8 for dependents.
Community Membership Rates
Category Year Month Day
UI Community $548 $87 $10
UI Community Dependent (Ages: 4-18) $183 $29 $8
UI Community Dependent (Ages: 0-3) Free Free Free


  • Community Member (ages 14+): Anyone not affiliated with the University of Iowa, who wishes to have access to the UI recreation facilities.
  • Community Dependent (ages 4-18): A Community Recreation Member can sponsor all dependents for which they are legal guardians. The fee listed is the fee per dependent. The sponsoring member must be a Recreation Member in order to sponsor a Dependent.*

*Anytime an individual wishes to purchase a sponsored membership, BOTH the sponsor and the person being sponsored need to be present at sign-up. This includes any renewals.

*Includes 6% Sales Tax