Member Misconduct Appeal Process | Recreational Services
The University of Iowa

The Recreational Services Member Misconduct Appeal Process provides a process for Division of Student Life review of sanctions issued by Recreational Services for an individual’s violation(s) of Recreational Services and/or University rules or policies in connection with using or participating in Recreational Services facilities or programs. The Division of Student Life’s decision on appeal constitutes the final institutional action on the matter. 

Request for Appeal

Appeals must be submitted using the appeal form.

  • Appeals must be made within ten (10) University business days of the member/participant receiving written notice of the Recreational Services findings and sanction decision. 
  • Sanction(s) issued by Recreational Services will remain in effect during the appeal process. 

Grounds for Appeal

The appealing party must support the request for appeal by addressing one or more of the following grounds: 

  • The decision was unsupported by substantial evidence available at the time it was issued. 
  • New evidence, not available at the time of investigation/review, requires reconsideration. 
  • The sanctions imposed are unreasonably harsh considering the circumstances. 

Appeal Process and Decision

  1. Appellant must complete and submit the appeal form within ten (10) University business days of receiving written notice of Recreational Services’ findings and sanction decision. 
  2. Appeal and violation information is transmitted to the Associate Vice President for Student Life for review. 
  3. The Associate Vice President for Student Life may consult with Recreational Services staff and/or interview the appellant for clarification regarding submitted materials. Additional materials may be requested. 
  4. The Associate Vice President for Student Life will issue a final decision within ten (10) University business days of receipt of the appeal. 


On appeal, the Recreational Services decision may be upheld, reversed, require further investigation or meeting, or modified as deemed appropriate. In the event the Division of Student Life elects to modify the sanction(s), the Director of Recreational Services will be consulted. A letter will be provided to the appellant stating the University’s final decision on the matter. Final institutional decisions may be appealed to the Board of Regents pursuant to its policies and procedures.