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2015 Late Night Softball Rules

Rule 1: Late Night Event Modifications | Rule 2: Facility | Rule 3: Player Eligibility | Rule 4: Team Composition | Rule 5: Equipment | Rule 6: Ground Rules | 
Rule 7: Game Time and Length | Rainout Hotline Information

The rules and regulations for 2015 Intramural Late Night Softball Friday Night Series event will be those set by the ASA (Amateur Softball Association) with the following exceptions. The Intramural Sports Staff will have the final say on any rules or protests. Recent rule changes appear in hi-lighted and italicized font.

Rule 1: Late Night Event Modification

  1. Each inning, a new rule will be in effect that both teams will abide by. These rules, by inning, are:
    • 1st Inning: Run the bases in the opposite direction (3rd base become 1st base)
    • 2nd Inning: There are no foul balls inside the fence. If the ball is in the playing surface, within the fence, it is live.
      • Exception: a home run must pass between the foul poles
    • 3rd Inning: Bat from the opposite side of the plate (from your dominant side)
    • 4th Inning: 3-pitches only
      • Member of the batting team pitches
      • 3-pitch maximum NO MATTER WHAT – if the ball is not put into play within 3 pitches the batter is out.
      • The defense can still play with 10 players; it will have one extra fielder (the player who was pitching).
    • 5th Inning: Last recorded out is the runner for the batter.
    • 6th Inning: Normal Softball

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Rule 2: Facility

  1. All games will be played at the Hawkeye Softball Complex unless otherwise communicated directly with teams. Alcohol and tobacco are not permitted inside the complex or in the parking lot.

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Rule 3: Player Eligibility

  1. All Intramural Sports eligibility rules apply. Please check your Intramural Sports Rules and Regulations carefully.
  2. All players must check-in with their University ID cards or state-issued photo IDs with the Intramural Supervisor prior to the start of the event.

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Rule 4: Team Composition

  1. Eight players must be present to start a game. Players may be inserted into the lineup upon arrival after they have checked-in with the supervisor.
  2. Substitutions: A player may leave the game and return after his/her substitute has batted, and has played at least 3 defensive outs in the field.
    • Pinch Runners: A pinch runner may be used for an injured player. The pinch runner shall be the player, of the same gender, that has recorded the last out or a player, of the same gender, that has not yet entered the contest.
    • Courtesy Runners: Prior to each at bat, an injured player that desires to use a courtesy runner must declare to the umpire that he/she needs a courtesy runner if he/she reaches base safely. If, while running the bases, the batter achieves third base or beyond, a courtesy runner will not be allowed.
      • Exception: If the injury occurs during the at-bat.
  3. A team must finish a game with at least 8 players, except in the event an injury.
  4. If a position in the batting order is vacated and no substitutes are available to take that position the following will be enforced.
    • A vacated position in the batting order due to ejection will result in an out in that spot for the remainder of the game.
    • All other situations where a position in the batting order is vacated (such as injury, needing to leave the game early) will not result in an out.
  5. Teams can choose to bat up to a maximum of 12 players or bat the 10 players in the field and use any remaining players as substitutes.
    • Co-Rec modification: Teams may have a maximum of 5 males and 5 females in the field at one time. Teams may also participate with 4 males and 4 females in the field at one time.
    • Co-Rec modification: The pitcher/catcher combination must consist of one male and one female.
    • If a Co-Rec team does not have an equal number of males and females, an automatic out will be recorded between any 2 consecutive male or 2 consecutive female batters.

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Rule 5: Equipment

  1. All players must wear shoes. Tennis shoes, soft-soled shoes, and one piece softball shoes are legal. Metal spikes or cleats with metal exposed are not allowed.
  2. Jewelry is NOT allowed to be worn by any participant during the game.
    • Any player found wearing metal spikes, jewelry, or any other illegal equipment in the field of play during his/her team’s defensive half of the inning will be removed from the game, and that team will play short-handed for the remainder of that half inning.
    • Any player found wearing metal spikes, jewelry, or any other illegal equipment in the field of play during his/her team’s offensive half of the inning will be declared out.
      • Any runners that have advanced as a result of a hit by the player wearing illegal equipment will return to the bases they previously occupied.
    • If the player does not have other shoes/cleats or is unable to remove the jewelry, he/she will not be allowed to participate in that game.
    • A player cannot be called out once the play is completed and the player in question has entered into his/her team’s dugout.
  3. 12” softballs will be used in all games.
  4. Participants are encouraged to wear personal safety equipment. Participants may provide their own equipment.
  5. Players must supply their own gloves and bats.
  6. Only ASA approved softball bats may be used.
  7. Jewelry is NOT allowed to be worn by any participant during the game.

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Rule 6: Ground Rules

  1. A coin toss will determine the home and away teams.
  2. Each batter will start with a 1-and-1 count. A foul ball on the third strike will be recorded as a strikeout (Exception: Modified 4th Inning – 3 pitch maximum).
    • Co-Rec modification: Males who receive 3 straight balls and no strikes will be awarded 2nd base on a walk. (Exception: Modified 4th Inning – 3 pitch maximum).
  3. There will be a 3 over-the-fence home run limit for each team in each game. Any home run over the limit will result in an out. If both teams reach the home run limit, teams can then hit additional home runs until one team has one more home run than the other. At this point, only the team with fewer home runs may hit one.
  4. Teams shall remain clear of the fields while games are in progress. Warming up can occur only in the designated areas. No infield practice before games and between innings is allowed.
  5. The infield fly rule will be applied.
  6. A legal pitch will have a minimum arc of 6 feet and a maximum arc of 12 feet.
  7. The batting team is responsible for keeping its own score and reporting it to the umpire after each ½ inning. The umpire is the final judge in case of a score discrepancy.
  8. Base Path Lengths will be 70 feet for all divisions.
  9. Pitchers must toss from the pitching rubber furthest from home plate.

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Rule 7: Game Time and Length

  1. Games will last 6 innings (5 ½ if the home team is ahead) or 50 minutes, whichever occurs first. No new inning may begin after the 50-minute mark has been reached.
    • Exception: If a game is tied after 50 minutes have expired, extra innings will be played until a winner is declared.
  2. A game that is tied at the end of 6 innings shall be continued into extra innings until one team has scored more runs than the other team at the end of a complete inning.
  3. In the case of rain, or other occurrences, a game will become official after the completion of 5 innings (4 ½ if the home team is ahead). If less than a legal game has been completed, the game shall be suspended at this point.
  4. There will be a 10-run rule in effect after the 5th inning and a 15-run rule in effect after the 4th inning.
  5. Inclement Weather: If inclement weather occurs while games are in progress, the decision to continue or stop will be made by the Intramural Sports Supervisor.

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Rainout Hotline Information

  1. On days that it is raining, you can call the Recreational Services Rainout Hotline to see if games have been postponed.
    • Call (319) 353-3000
    • Press “2”
    • Listen for field information—hotline is updated by 3:00 PM on weekdays, and Noon on weekends
  2. If a game is postponed, the team captain will be contacted in regards to the re-scheduled game.

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