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University of Iowa

In order to participate in Intramural Sports, a University of Iowa Student, Faculty, Staff or Affiliate must purchase an Intramural Sports Membership or Pass. Intramural Sports Memberships and Passes can only be purchased on using a credit card. To purchase a Membership or Pass, login to using your Hawk ID (no and Hawk ID Password. Once you are logged in, select "My Payments" below your name, then click "My PayPackages". Or, you can click to create a team, or join a team, and be prompted to buy your Membership or Pass at that time. Below is information about each Membership/Pass option.

Intramural Sports Memberships

One Semester Membership - $25.00

For $25.00/semester, the Intramural Sports Semester Membership allows you to participate in almost any sport/event offered that semester. You can play in as many league sports or tournaments as you want throughout the semester. You'll want to purchase this membership if you plan to play more than one sport, play in a league sport, or participate in a multi-day tournament. The Intramural Sports Semester Membership is valid from the time you purchase, through the rest of that semester. 


Year-Long Membership - $45.00

If you know you are going to play Intramural Sports in both the fall and spring semesters, save a little money by purchasing your year-long membership all at once. For $45.00, you will be able to play in any sport/event for the entire 2018-2019 school year (with the exception of the Intramural Golf Tournament). That is a whole lot of value and fun for only $45.00! The Intramural Sports Year-Long Membership is valid from the time you purchase through the end of the Spring 2019 semester.


One-Day Tournament Pass - $15.00

Are you only going to play in one Intramural sport, and that sport is a one-day tournament? Then this is the pass for you. Rather than paying for the full membership to just play in a one-day tournament, you can purchase this pass to allow you to play in the tournament that you wish. If you purchase the One-Day Tournament Pass and decide you love Intramural Sports so much that you want to upgrade, you can! And, it will only cost you the difference between the One-Day Tournament Pass and the Intramural Sports Membership you would like to purchase.

Each One-Day Tournament Pass can only be used for one single day tournament. Should you want to participate in another one-day tournament, you will need to upgrade to an Intramural Sports Semester or Year-Long Membership. Sports in which a One-Day Tournament Pass can be used are:

Fall 2018
Kickball - Friday Night Series
Mini-Golf - Friday Night Series
Bowling - Friday Night Series
Table Tennis
Spikebuoy - Friday Night Series
Canoe Battleship - Friday Night Series

Spring 2019
Dodgeball - Friday Night Series
Darts Singles
Darts Doubles
Billiards Singles
Billiards Doubles
Inner Tube Water Polo - Friday Night Series
Wiffleball - Friday Night Series
4-on-4 Sand Volleyball
Disc Golf

Single Play Pass - $10.00

Are you trying to sub on a team that needs some extra players for one game? Then this is the pass for you! Purchasing this pass will allow you to play in one game for a team, to fill-in when the team needs some help. If the team decides they need you for more than one game, or you decide you want to play other Intramural Sports, you can upgrade to the full semester pass by just paying $15.00 more.

This pass does not allow you to play in any one-day tournaments or Friday Night Series events. For those, you will need to purchase a One-Day Tournament Pass (see above).