Jacintha T. | Recreational Services
The University of Iowa

Photo of Jacintha
Position: Lifeguard

Year/Major: I am a fourth-year senior majoring in Human Physiology (Pre-Med) with a minor in Psychology

Hometown: Iowa City, IA. 

How long have you worked for us?: I have worked for Rec Services for just shy of two years. 

What have you learned from working here?: I have learned a lot about effective communication. I have learned how to communicate with a diverse community of individuals from all ages and backgrounds. I have also learned to speak up and be a little more assertive due to having to enforce pool rules and policies. 

What is something interesting about yourself?: I am a diver on the Iowa Swimming and Diving Team. I have also been to 49 states. 

What do you like to do in your spare time?: In my spare time I like to relax and decompress with some Netflix and a good jigsaw puzzle. I also like spending time with my friends and going home to play with my dogs. If I had more time (and money!), I would love to be traveling anywhere and everywhere. 

What is one thing you wish everyone knew about working in your position?: The one cool thing about working in aquatics at the CRWC is that we get the opportunity to work with patrons from all ages. We get to watch infants experience a pool for the first time. I have even been able to watch adults take their first real swim strokes after never having learned to swim as a child. Seeing that growth is truly amazing especially because, as a diver, I take the pool and my ability to swim for granted. It is also really nice being able to form connections with the patrons, especially those who come in on a regular basis. 

Do you have plans for after graduation?: After graduation, I plan on attending medical school. At the moment, I have not officially decided which school I will end up at. 

If you could eat any food for the rest of your life without any health consequences, what would it be?: Such a tough question! But I could probably eat a nice juicy cheeseburger for the rest of my life, and then have a big bowl of Moose Tracks (ice cream) after to satisfy my sweet tooth! 


*Jacintha was nominated for Faces of RecServ in Spring 2019