Beth A. | Recreational Services
The University of Iowa

Photo of Beth
Beth is one our talented student marketing assistants who has been an integral part of Rec Services' marketing, communications, and outreach the past year and a half. We're lucky to have Beth in the #recservfam!


Position: Marketing Assistant

Year/Major: Senior studying Journalism & Mass Communications

Hometown: Clarinda, IA

How long have you worked for us?: Almost a year and a half!

Favorite part of working for Rec Services: Definitely the people I work with, especially my supervisor, Kelly! Everyone is always in a great mood and willing to help you with any questions and advice you may need.

What have you learned from working here?: Almost too much to put into words! My basic skills like time management, project management, and teamwork have improved. I'm also a lot more confident in my communication and marketing skills for my career post-graduation.

Tell us a little bit about what you do as a marketing assistant: I do a wide variety of things! I am always scheduling tweets, Facebook, and Instagram posts for upcoming events and activities. I also create and oversee marketing plans for a wide variety of areas. Marketing works closely with our graphic design team to create marketing pieces and it's fun to watch those come to life. I'm usually working on a lot of different projects at once but always having fun while doing it!

What is your dream job?: My dream job would be producing TV shows and movies. I was really involved in theater in high school so I got a taste of it and I think it would be so fun!

What do you do in your spare time?: Yoga and dogs are my two true loves. I practice yoga multiple times a week and spend a good chunk of time watching dog (specifically French Bulldog) videos.

Any plans after graduation?: I plan to move to a bigger city like Chicago or Denver and pursue a career in public relations and/or marketing! I'm also excited to have more free time so I can do volunteer work and travel.

If you could eat any food every day for the rest of your life without any health consequences, what would it be?: Corndogs, for sure.

What Beth's supervisor says about her:  Beth has been an absolute joy to have on the marketing team. She is outgoing, smart, and willing to try new things at the blink of an eye. We will miss her spunky personality after she graduates this year but I'm excited to see what the next chapter holds for her. - Kelly Teeselink, marketing coordinator


*Beth was nominated for Faces of RecServ in Fall 2016