Babs N. | Recreational Services
The University of Iowa

Photo of Babs
Babs started at Rec Services five months ago, but she's already making a name for herself as a top notch employee. Thanks to Babs for your work at the Field House!


Position: Membership Attendant at the Field House

Year: I am a junior studying Health and Human Physiology.

Hometown: Iowa City, Iowa

How long have you worked for us?: Five months.

Favorite part of working for RecServ: Seeing so many different people come through, especially the cute little kids.

What have you learned from working at RecServ: I learned how to solve problems a lot faster.

What is one thing you wish everyone knew about working as a membership attendant?: We do a lot more here than just checking in people!

Something interesting about yourself: I know how to play three different instruments: clarinet, piano, and trumpet.

What do you do in your spare time?: Read Buzzfeed.

Any plans/thoughts on what you’ll do after you graduate?: Travel through Europe and go to grad school.

Some students might not even know the Field House exists – why should students go there when they have the CRWC down the street?:  The Field House itself has many years of history to it.  Also it's a great place to play a variety of sports, and the fitness loft is nice for people who want something a bit smaller.

If you could eat any food every day for the rest of your life without any health consequences, what would it be?:  Frozen yogurt.

What her supervisor has to say about her: Babs is one of my best employees - she's responsible and friendly, and her positive attitude is infectious. We're lucky to have her at the Field House! - Shea McMurray


*Babs was nominated for Faces of RecServ in Fall 2015