Adaptive & Inclusive Tennis | Recreational Services
The University of Iowa


International Tennis League 

The International Tennis League meets every Friday for 2.5 hours during an academic year. Being inclusive and welcoming different groups on campus improves the climate of our community and learning experiences for all. 


Senior Tennis League 75+

The Senior Tennis League meets every Wed morning. It is important to organize this league and provide a space for our senior citizens to be physically active.This league keeps elderly members healthy and engaged. 


Tennis Programs for Youth with Special Needs

Physical activity is important for all and can especially enhance the quality of life for youth with special needs. There is a need to empower these children so that they do not become disconnected and isolated. We provide a supportive and positive environment that recognizes and serves to their needs. Through tennis, we focus on what they can do rather than on what they cannot do. 


Youth at Risk Summer Tennis

Tennis clinics are very beneficial for Youth at Risk. We provide a comprehensive and holistic approach that combines sport, socialization, and role-modeling within a pressure-free and nurturing environment where kids feel appreciated. They are also encouraged to deal with problems in constructive ways and develop positive behaviors.