Storm H. | Recreational Services
The University of Iowa


Fulton, IL.


  • Exercise Science Major/Pre-Physical Therapy


  • ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
  • ISSA Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist 


  • Bootcamp instructor for 1 year
  • Personal Trainer


  • Bootcamp
  • Powerlifting
  • Strength Training


  • Weightlifting
  • Cars
  • Watching Football


I am a Personal Trainer, Fitness Lead, and Bootcamp Instructor for Recreational Services. I gained a passion for exercise when I was introduced to the high school weight room as a freshman for sports. Ever since then, I became insistent to learn more about exercise and share my passion with others. I primarily see clientele who want to increase overall strength, seek weight loss, or are rehabilitating from an injury. While programming for every client, I make sure the program is safe for the client's abilities and is structured around their goals. My favorite part of working with clients is seeing their enthusiasm when they recognize the progress they have made towards their goals. I take great pride in the work I do for helping my clients make change a reality. 


You are only as strong as your weakest link.