Maddi P. | Recreational Services
The University of Iowa


Gettysburg, PA.


  • Biomedical Engineering 
  • Chemistry


  • USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Coach


  • Personal Trainer
  • Swim Instructor


I was born and raised with a division 1 wrestler as a father, along with a highly driven mother, both who earned degrees in exercise science and teach with those degrees today. Since I was born, I was raised with a very active family, participating in several sports from dance to throwing. My two very hard working parents raised me with the values to work hard and give the best effort at all times. My dad threw me into a weight room my 8th grade year with the high school wrestling team. I came in knowing very little, not even being able to lift the barbell. By my Senior year, I was able to out lift a good bit of boys, with them giving me the nickname "Freight Train".

Entering the weight room was the spark of light for my passion for exercise and weightlifting. I live by always continuing to want to push myself to be better and better every time I enter the gym. I believe you go to the gym to improve yourself, not just be there to go through the motions. My love for working out is why I wanted to help others find confidence, love, and a desire to do better everytime they walk into the gym.

Favorite Quote: "Seek discomfort."