Drew Ferderer | Recreational Services
The University of Iowa
Fitness Coordinator
Drew Ferderer Headshot


  • B.S. in Exercise Science


  • National Strength and Conditioning Association Certification (NSCA)
  • Certified Strength and Condition Specialist (CSCS)​

Specialty Areas:

  • Beginner training
  • Kettlebell training
  • Strength/Hypertrophy training
  • Fat loss


  • Lifted weights since 14 y/o
  • Varsity Strength and Conditioning Internship at Minnesota State University
  • Ran own personal training business (Fitness Garden) full time for 2 years.


  • Strength training
  • Cooking
  • Watching the news


I have worked as a Personal Trainer since January 2013, devoting myself to education and the connection between physical training and character development. My interest in training began at age 14 when my father purchased me a 300lb barbell weight set. As my passion for strength training grew, I pursued a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science at Minnesota State University- Mankato. Undoubtedly, my foundest and most valuable experiences were working as an intern for the university's Strength and Conditioning program.

After graduating, I established a private personal training business by the name of Fitness Garden. As the owner and sole employee, I pored myself into my working- inspiring, educating, and developing sincere relationships. As a Personal Traininer, I strive to influence the mindset of my clients so that they may enjoy exercise and learn that exercise can offer more than just the attainment of aesthetic goals. Since my arrival at the University of Iowa, I have worked as a Personal Trainer, Personal Training Fitness Assistant, and have earned a Master of Arts in Sport and Recreation Management. I am extremely goal oriented and sincerely enjoy the process of pursuing progress. I believe the key to progress is consistent, hard-work, intelligently designed. I strive to lead by example, promoting adversity as an opportunity to grow stronger.