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The University of Iowa

Now accepting applications for Spring 2020!


We are seeking highly qualified and self-motivated Masters or Bachelors candidates interested in creating and managing a strongman competition.  Candidates can be pursuing any degree or certificate in, but not limited to Exercise Science, Human Physiology, Sport and Recreation Management, Management, Marketing, or pursuing a certificate in Nonprofit Leadership and Philanthropy, Entrepreneurial Management, Healthcare Management or Leadership.  Candidate should have a strong desire to apply event management skills and will be expected to organize and manage all aspects of the University of Iowa’s 2nd Annual Stronghawk competition. 


About the Stronghawk 

The University of Iowa’s Personal Training Program established the Stronghawk competition in the spring of 2019. The first annual Stronghawk was located at the University of Iowa’s Hawkeye Tennis and Recreation Complex. In this first year, seven events were competed, which included Truck Pull, Carry Relay, Pressing Medley, Timed Medley, Atlas Stone/Keg Loading, Sand Bag Toss and Deadlift Ladder. 


Purpose of the Stronghawk  

The objective of the University of Iowa’s Stronghawk contest is to inspire women and men of a variety of weight classes to pursue well-rounded functional strength. This competition aims to provide the opportunity for a diverse group of people to gather, motivate and compete with one another. 


Mission of the Stronghawk 

The University of Iowa’s Stronghawk competition promotes the value in well-rounded strength and conditioning.  In planning this event, we aim to provide an opportunity for individuals to pursue self-improvement by developing the physical and mental qualities associated with training and competing. 


The Stronghawk competition is supervised by the Personal Training Assistant Director and Personal Training Coordinator.  For more information about the program that lies within the Personal Training Program, see here: 


About the Personal Training Program 

The University of Iowa's Personal Training Program contends to rank as the most prominent and successful personal training program in the Big Ten and Pac-12. The University of Iowa's Personal Training Program is built on the goal of providing the highest quality of personal training, focusing on our client’s progress and our staff’s education. 


Vision of the Personal Training Program 

A community in which achieving a healthy body and living a vibrant and fulfilling life is at the forefront of our member’s life goals. 


Mission of the Personal Training Program

Our mission is to get people to enjoy the benefits of having a fully functional, strong and healthy body.  We are dedicated to educating, coaching and empowering others to be physically active and committed to making healthy choices. 


Core Values 

In a progressive and dynamic environment, our Core Values will remain the same.  They form the foundation on which we act, behave, and perform as a team and as an awesome human. 


We will: 

  • Strive to do the right thing all the time.  Be honest. 
  • Remain dedicated to the team and contribute to the team. 
  • Influence positive change in others. 
  • Commit to getting better every day.   
  • Remain curious. 
  • Seek to understand. 
  • Provide excellent client-centered coaching. 
  • Build others up-teammates and clients just the same. 
  • Share positive and enthusiastic energy. 
  • Be our own leader.  Staying true to our own personal wellness and optimal health will allow us the gift to influence and inspire others.   


  • Intern will coordinate and host the University of Iowa's 2nd annual Stronghawk  
  • Intern will design and coordinate the events for the Stronghawk  
  • Intern will assess risks and implement safety procedures 
  • Intern will coordinate and manage the marketing for the Stronghawk  
  • Intern will organize volunteers to assist in hosting the Stronghawk event  
  • Intern will manage the University of Iowa Waiver and Release Form  
  • Intern will coordinate and manage the Stronghawk Preparation Course 
  • Intern will coordinate sponsorship for the StrongHawk event 
  • Intern will manage the budget for the StrongHawk  


Intern(s) will develop: 

  • Event management skills 
  • Marketing skills 
  • Networking skills 
  • Professional communication skills 
  • Research skills 
  • Organizational skills 
  • Project management skills 
  • Detail orientation 
  • Public speaking skills 
  • Budget management skills 
  • Ability to assess risk 
  • Time management skills 


If you believe you would be a great fit for our program, we welcome you to apply to be a spring 2020 University of Iowa Stronghawk Intern.  

Application Deadline: November 1, 2019.  Applications will be accepted until positions have been filled.

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