Olympic Lifting Workshop Series | Recreational Services
University of Iowa

Build confidence at the barbell rack! Each class in this 4-week series will focus uniquely on one lift. We will begin with dynamic stretching, metabolic conditioning, and plyometrics to improve agility and power. The main focus of the class will be progression lifting to prepare for the final lifting exercise. At the end, there will be dynamic stretching and cool down. The series is great for both beginners and experienced lifters. 


Sessions will be held Tuesday/Thursday from 5:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. in the Field House's Olympic Lifting Room. Series runs from June 4th - June 27th

  • Week 1: Deadlift & push press
  • Week 2: Squat (front/back variations), clean 
  • Week 3: Bench/incline press, snatch
  • Week 4: Split squats/jerk, combination lifts 


This workshop series must be attended in full and you must register ahead of time! Register online here or at the CRWC Member Services Desk. 


  • $40