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The University of Iowa

Thank you for considering a membership with Recreational Services!  As a Faculty/Staff member of the University, we would love for you to join us and participate in our programs and services.  In addition, we have a great incentive program to help reduce your costs and help keep you healthy and active!

Faculty/Staff Membership Rates

Category Year Month Day Perpetual Month*
UI Faculty / Staff  $468 $39 N/A at this time $39
UI Faculty / Staff Spouse/Domestic Partner $468 $39 N/A at this time $39
UI Faculty / Staff Dependent (Ages: 4-18) $156 $13 N/A at this time $13
UI Faculty / Staff Dependent (Ages: 0-3) Free Free N/A at this time Free

*Perpetual is only applicable to UI faculty/staff who pay using monthly payroll deduction. There is a one-time $39 setup fee and requires a minimum of six deductions, not including the setup fee before it can be canceled. A PDF Perpetual Cancellation Form or an Online Perpetual Cancellation Form must be completed and submitted to Membership Services in order to cancel. 

  • UI Faculty / Staff: Any Merit or Professional and Scientific employee with an appointment with the university, regardless of the percentage.
  • UI Faculty / Staff Sponsored Spouse/Domestic Partner: A qualified UI Faculty / Staff can sponsor a Spouse/Domestic Partner at the same rate as the sponsoring member. The sponsoring member must be a Recreation Member in order to sponsor a Spouse/Domestic Partner.
    • Spouses and Domestic Partners will be required to show proof of one of the following:
      • Piece(s) of official mail with each person’s name and address (examples include but not limited to postmarked mail, company/hospital bill, bank statement, property tax, renter's agreement, etc.)
      • Marriage Certificate or Affidavit of Domestic Partnership.
      • Photo ID showing the same address.
  • UI Faculty / Staff Sponsored Dependent (ages 4-18): A qualified UI Faculty / Staff can sponsor all dependents for which they are legal guardians. The fee listed is the fee per dependent. The sponsoring member must be a Recreation Member in order to sponsor a Dependent.

Each time an individual wishes to purchase a sponsored membership BOTH the sponsor and the person being sponsored need to be present at sign-up, and show proof of one of the required forms of the documentation listed above. This includes any renewals.

Faculty/Staff Incentive Program

Faculty/Staff at the University of Iowa have the opportunity to participate in the Faculty/Staff Recreation Membership Incentive Program.  The program is designed to allow UI faculty and staff the opportunity to earn a 50% incentive towards an annual single faculty/staff membership (Monthly membership = $39.00/month; incentive =19.50/month).  To qualify, the following criteria must be met: 

  • Active Faculty/Staff in a 50% or greater regular position and House Staff and Postdoctoral Research Scholars
  • Complete the liveWELL Personal Health Assessment (PHA) survey one time annually (each calendar year beginning January 1 or past 90 days)
  • Use one of the Recreational Services facilities a minimum of four times a month

Post Doc Fellows - Contact Shea McMurray at shea-mcmurray@uiowa.edu (319) 335-9295 to see if you qualify for the incentive. 

Unsure how many times you visited our facilities this month?  To check your recreation visits, click here. 

How to Sign Up

Faculty/Staff can login into our Online Portal with their HawkID and password to sign up for a monthly or annual membership.  Those who are interested in the Perpetual Membership can complete our Online Perpetual Membership Form and email the completed version to rec-services@uiowa.edu.

Individuals can also visit any of our facilities in person to sign up as well.  Faculty/Staff wishing to sponsor their spouse/domestic partner and/or their dependents will need to sign up in person to demonstrate relationship with the individual.

Updating or Canceling your Membership

If you are interested in changing your membership status, we require either the PDF Perpetual Cancellation Form or an Online Perpetual Cancellation Form to be submitted. Memberships and/or locker cancellations for employees in the Perpetual Payroll Deduction Program become effective no earlier than the last day of the month in which the cancellation notice is received. Because each month’s membership deductions are for the prior month’s service, the final deduction will occur on the next monthly paycheck after the requested date of cancellation.

Leaving or taking a break from the University?  We suggest you also cancel your membership by filling out the form.  Upon returning to the University, you can visit any of our facilities to sign up for the membership again. 

Are you currently a UI Faculty/Staff and a UI Student?

UI Faculty/Staff who are enrolled for classes at the UI will be assessed the student recreation fee. Those UI Faculty/Staff who have purchased a Recreational Services membership may apply for a refund of the student recreation fee paid. To receive the refund, the UI Faculty/Staff must submit the Recreation Fee Refund Form no later than the last day of classes for the semester for which a refund is requested: 


Still have additional questions?  Check out our Membership FAQs for more information or email rec-services@uiowa.edu