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Faculty and Staff Memberships

As of July 1, the following Membership policies will go into effect:

  • We will no longer offer Sponsored Adult Memberships. However, we will offer Sponsored Spouse/Domestic Partner Memberships. Existing memberships will be allowed access until their expiration date. 
    • Spouses and Domestic Partners will be required to show proof of one of the following:
  1. Piece(s) of official mail with each person’s name and address.
  2. Marriage Certificate or Affidavit of Domestic Partnership.
  3. Photo ID showing the same address.
  • We will no longer offer Family Memberships but members can still sponsor one Spouse/Domestic Partner and as many dependents for which they are legal guardians. 
  • The daily walk-in fee will be $10 for adults and $8 for dependents.
Faculty/ Staff Membership Rates
Category Year Month Day Perpetual Month
UI Faculty / Staff  $456 $38 $10 $38
UI Faculty / Staff Spouse/Domestic Partner $456 $38 $10 $38
UI Faculty / Staff Dependent (4-18) $152 $13 $8 $13
UI Faculty / Staff Dependent (0-3) Free Free Free Free

Before July 1, the following Membership policies are still in effect:

  • UI Fac/Staff: Any Merit or Professional and Scientific employee with an appointment with the university, regardless of the percentage.
  • UI Retiree: Any former UI employee who has a valid UI Retiree Photo ID.
  • UI Affiliates: Staff who have an affiliate status with the University of Iowa. This includes staff at the Daily Iowan and the UI Foundation.
  • UI Fac/Staff, Retiree, or Affiliate Sponsored Adult (ages 19+): A qualified UI Faculty/Staff/Retiree/Affiliate can sponsor one adult at the same rate as the sponsoring member. The sponsoring member must be a Recreation Member in order to sponsor an Adult Member.*
  • UI Fac/Staff, Retiree, or Affiliate Sponsored Dependent (ages 4-18): A qualified UI Faculty/Staff/Retiree/Affiliate can sponsor all dependents for which they are legal guardians. The fee listed is the fee per dependent. The sponsoring member must be a Recreation Member in order to sponsor a Dependent.*
  • UI Fac/Staff, Retiree, or Affiliate Family: A qualified UI Faculty/Staff/Retiree/Affiliate can sponsor all members of their household through the family rate, assuming they are a current Recreation Member. A maximum of two adults, including the sponsoring member, can be included under the family rate.* 

*Anytime an individual wishes to purchase a sponsored membership, BOTH the sponsor and the person being sponsored need to be present at sign-up. This includes any renewals.

Fac/Staff, Retiree or Affiliate Membership Fees
Category Year Month Daily Perpetual
Fac/Staff, Retiree or Affiliate $428 $68 $8 $36*
Fac/Staff, Retiree or Affiliate Sponsored Adult $428 $68 $8 $36*
FSRA Sponsored Dependent (0-3) No Charge No Charge No Charge No Charge
FSRA Sponsored Dependent (4-18) $143 $22 $6 $12*
Fac/Staff, Retiree or Affiliate Family $1,102 $181 n/a $92*

*Perpetual is only applicable to UI faculty/staff who pay using monthly payroll deduction. There is a one-time $36 setup fee and requires a minimum of 6 deductions, not including the setup fee, before it can be cancelled. A  Perpetual_Cancellation_Form.pdf or a Online Perpetual Cancellation form must be completed & submitted to Membership Services to cancel. 

To cancel your perpetual membership, click here. 

Faculty/Staff Memberships Incentive

The University of Iowa is committed to a healthy campus culture for all UI community members. Physical Activity has many health benefits and helps to reduce health risks associated with inactivity. Visit UI Wellness liveWell for information on the Faculty/Staff Recreation Membership Incentive Program.

Post Doc Fellows - Contact Mallory Valentine at (319) 335-6218 to see if you qualify for the incentive. 

To check your recreation visits, click here. 

Fac/staff perpetual payroll and also paying student fees?

UI Faculty/Staff who are enrolled for classes at the UI will be assessed the student recreation fee. Those UI Faculty/Staff who have purchased a Recreational Services membership may apply for a refund of the student recreation fee paid. To receive the refund, the UI Faculty/Staff must submit the following form no later than the last day of classes for the semester for which a refund is requested:  Rec_Fee_Refund_Form.pdf

Membership FAQs (Click here)