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Table of Contents

Article 1 - Expectations as an Official

Section 1 - General Expectations

  • Be professional at all times when interacting with staff, supervisors, fellow officials, players and spectators. Remember that you are representing the Intramural Sports Program, Recreational Services, and The University of Iowa.
  • Spend time learning all the mechanics necessary to officiate to the best of your ability.
  • Work with other officials and Recreational Services staff in a cooperative manner to enhance the Intramural Sports Program and Recreational Services.
  • Be prepared both physically and mentally, dress according to expectations, and maintain a proper appearance.
  • Always arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your first game!

Section 2 - Game Day Expectations

  • Bring your UI ID for games at the Field House, Campus Recreation and Wellness Center, or Recreation Building.
  • Assist the supervisor in setting-up fields/courts or whenever he/she needs help.
  • Check all players' ID's as needed and conduct captain's meetings in order to start each contest on time.
  • Help clean-up your field/court after your games.

Section 3 - Uniforms

All officials and scorekeepers will receive one short-sleeve official's shirt. This shirt should be worn when officiating all intramural contests and must stay tucked in at all times. Officials may purchase a long-sleeve shirt to wear during cold weather for a fee of $10.00/shirt, and extra short-sleeve shirts for a fee of $7.00/shirt. Officials should also wear black athletic shorts or pants. No jeans are allowed. Hats that are black and/or University of Iowa related may be worn while officiating outdoor sports. When officiating in cold weather, officials should wear their official's shirts on the outside whenever possible. Contact the Intramural Sports Administrative Staff to purchase an additional shirt.

Section 4 - Meetings & E-Mails

Meetings will be scheduled to cover rules and officiating training for each sport. Dates, times and locations of these meetings can be found here. Your attendance at these meetings is mandatory if you want to work that sport. E-Mails will be sent throughout the year by the Intramural Staff to relay important information. As an employee of Intramural Sports, you are responsible for reading all of these emails.

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Article 2 - Payroll Information

Section 1 - Wage Rates

  • Starting Rates:
    • Tier 1 (Flag Football, Basketball, Soccer) - $9.60/hour
    • Tier 2 (Volleyball, Softball, Inner Tube Water Polo, Kickball, Wiffleball) - $8.60/hour
    • Tier 3 (Hot Shot Contest, 3-Point Shooting Contest, Canoe Battleship, Basketball Scorekeeper) - $8.20/hour

Wage rate increases are determined by performance reviews and evaluations throughout the year. To be eligible, officials and scorekeepers must excel in their positions.

Section 2 - Payroll Forms

Every new official or scorekeeper must fill out the required payroll forms. Each new official or scorekeepers will also be required to set-up a meeting with Amanda Fiala, Recreational Services Human Resources Representative, to complete an I-9 Form. A list of documents required for completion of your I-9 Form can be found at  List of Acceptable I9 Documents.pdf. To set-up a meeting with Amanda Fiala, you can contact her at amanda-fiala@uiowa.edu or by phone at (319) 384-1166.

Finally, new employees are required to go to the HR self-service site on their own to complete W-4 Forms and set-up direct deposit.

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Article 3 - Scheduling & Substitutions

Section 1 - Schedules

Official's schedules for each upcoming week will be posted on the WhentoWork.com webpage. If you are not able to access that page, it is your responsibility to contact the Intramural Graduate Assistants at (319) 335-9292.

Each work week begins on Sunday and ends on Saturday. Schedules for each upcoming week will be posted on Wednesdays, unless stated otherwise. Officials and scorekeepers are responsible for checking the schedule weekly. Absolutely no schedules will be given out over the phone.

Each week you will be responsible for updating your availability on the WhentoWork.com website. These availability updates will show the nights you are available to work. Officials and scorekeepers must be available to work one shift on Sundays and at least two nights during the week. Recurring conflicts such as classes can be blocked on the website to repeat each week. If you have a special conflict such as a group meeting or an exam, you must note that conflict on your availability by 9:00 AM each Wednesday. Schedule conflicts will be accommodated whenever possible.

For some sports there will be an extra official scheduled at the beginning of each shift of games. This official is scheduled as a back-up in case someone else does not show for a scheduled shift. If an official does not show, the extra official will take his/her games. If everyone scheduled is present, the extra official will be paid for one game and released of his/her responsibilities. If you are scheduled to work as the extra official, you are expected to show up on-time and dressed to work, just as if you were regularly scheduled to work.

Section 2 - Absences and Late Arrivals Policy

Absences and late arrivals will not be tolerated. If you are not on-site at the scheduled start time of your shift, you will be considered late. Penalties are as follows:

1st offense: one-week suspension
2nd offense: sport suspension or termination

Late Arrivals
1st offense: warning
2nd offense: one-week suspension
3rd offense: sport suspension or termination

Any employee who shows up for work under the influence of alcohol or drugs or cannot fulfill job requirements because of being hungover will automatically be suspended and is subject to termination.

Section 3 - Substitutions

If you cannot work on a date that you are scheduled, it is your responsibility to find a replacement. An email/phone list will be available on the WhentoWork.com webpage. Once a sub is found, you must call or email the graduate assistants with the name of your substitute. It is your responsibility to make sure that person is present for your shift. Remind your substitute the day of your shift.

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Article 4 - Intramural Sport Information

Section 1 - Equipment Checkout

Any equipment that you will need to officiate (flags, watches, counters) can be checked out through the Intramural Supervisor on duty. The head referee/umpire on each field will check-out and check-in all equipment for his/her field. Officials will be responsible for the replacement costs of any item(s) not returned at the end of the shift.

Section 2 - Team Sportsmanship Ratings

Some team sports require sportsmanship ratings to be given by the game officials. It is both the official's and scorekeeper's responsibilities to make sure the ratings are completed after each contest. Our department uses these ratings to determine overall sportsmanship ratings, as well as to contact teams with low ratings. The ratings numbers will be as follows: 4 = excellent, 3 = above average, 2 = below average, 1 = poor. Ratings of 1 or 2 need specific sportsmanship comments. More information about the Sportsmanship Ratings System can be found here.

Section 3 - Player Check-In

Each player is required to show a valid University or state-issued photo ID before playing in each contest. Intramural Supervisors will be responsible for checking the ID of each player prior to the contest. NO ID = No Play! No Exceptions.

Section 4 - Evaluations

During each sport the Intramural Staff will be evaluating your performance as an official on the field/court. These evaluations will be used to improve your performance as an official and as a learning tool. We will also use these evaluations to determine the awards at the end of the year. You are welcome to discuss your evaluations with the Intramural Sports staff at any time.

Section 5 - Accidents & Injuries

In the case of any accidents or injuries, report it immediately to the Intramural Supervisor on duty. He/she will take the necessary precautions such as CPR or First Aid. Your job is to keep all unnecessary people away and assist the Intramural Supervisor as instructed. Under no circumstances are you to move, touch, or attempt to move the injured player unless instructed to do so by the supervisor. Keep yourself and all participants away from a bleeding player. After your shift you may need to help the supervisor complete an accident report.

Section 6 - Protests

Teams have the option of protesting any application or misinterpretation of a rule. No protest of a judgment call will be considered. When a team requests a protest, it must call a time-out and the game must be stopped and no further game action should continue. Please direct the team captain to the Intramural Supervisor for a ruling (make sure to note all game-specific information at the time of the protest, in case we need to return to this point in the game at a later point). The supervisor will hear the protest and make a ruling. If the call is overturned, the team is not charged with a time-out. If the initial official's ruling is upheld, the team is charged with a time-out.

If the team feels the supervisor's decision is incorrect, it may lodge a written protest to be reviewed by the Intramural Sports administrative staff.

Section 7 - Ejections

If it becomes necessary to eject a participant from a contest, get the attention of the supervisor immediately. An ejection report must be completed immediately following the contest. The supervisor on duty will have ejection reports. Please fill out all information regarding the situation. Be specific in your reports. Do not let the contest continue after an ejection until the ejected participant has left the field/court area. The supervisor on duty is responsible for making sure the ejected participant leaves the premises.

Section 8 - Weather Conditions

A decision on the status of games being cancelled due to weather will be made by 3:00 PM weekdays and Noon on weekends. In the case of inclement weather, officials should call the Recreational Services information line at (319) 353-3000, press 2. Once games have started, the decision to cancel games will be made by the field supervisor. Do not call the Recreational Services membership offices for rainout information. The membership services staff may not have updated information on the status of Intramural events. When in doubt, assume that all games will be played as scheduled.

Section 9 - Participation in Intramural Games by Officials/Scorekeepers

Officials/Scorekeepers are encourage to participate in all intramural sports. However, you may not play during any time you are scheduled to work. If there is a night when your team is scheduled to compete, please mark your availability on WhentoWork.com with that information.

As intramural participants, all officials/scorekeepers need to be an example of good sportsmanship. Show the utmost respect for the officials working your game and encourage your team to do the same. This will improve the sportsmanship of other intramural participants. Any displays of poor sportsmanship by officials and scorekeepers during intramural contests will not be tolerated. Failure to comply with this rule can result in immediate termination.

Intramural eligibility rules state that players may not play on more than one team in a sport in the same season. Any official or scorekeeper found breaking Intramural eligibility rules at any time is subject to immediate termination. We will not condone employees violating our own rules.

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Article 5 - Year-End Banquet

Section 1 - Annual Banquet and Awards

At the conclusion of the Intramural Sports year we will have a banquet to honor officials' and scorekeepers' achievements throughout the year. 

The following awards will be given out:

  1. Official of the Year
  2. Scorekeeper of the Year
  3. Most Improved Official (Veteran and Rookie)
  4. Most Dedicated Official (Male and Female)
  5. Rookie of the Year
  6. Most Outstanding Flag Football Official
  7. Most Outstanding Volleyball Official
  8. Most Outstanding Soccer Official
  9. Most Outstanding Basketball Official
  10. Most Outstanding Softball Official

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Article 6 - Official's Information Outlets

Section 1 - Intramural Sports Website - Becoming an Official

The Intramural Sports website has a page that provides information regarding upcoming official's/scorekeeper's training sessions, other officiating opportunities, officiating links, and other information for officials and scorekeepers. This page can be found by clicking here.

Section 2 - Office Information

The Intramural Sports Office is located in E216 Field House. The Intramural Sports office is open for you to come in and discuss any concerns or questions you may have for the Intramural staff. At the same time, the Intramural Sports office is not to be used as a lounge area for officials and/or scorekeepers between classes. Everyone in the office needs the time and space to get their own work done. The office computers, phone, copy machines, and fax machines are not for personal use by officials and scorekeepers.

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Appendix A - Important Contact Information


Clint Angus - Graduate Assistant - clinton-angus@uiowa.edu - (319) 335-9292
Kaci Turpin - Graduate Assistant - kaci-turpin@uiowa.edu - (319) 335-9292
Tommy Schorer - Director - thomas-schorer@uiowa.edu - (319) 335-8032

Field House Membership Office - (319) 335-9847 (Phone) - (319) 335-6577 (Fax)

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